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    Need Help On unit 60-2 Elk in Nov Idaho

    A good buddy drew this tag need a little help in a few good places to find a bull(I know it will take snow) Just some pointers. Have all the gear he/we aren't wimps, not looking for raghorns but a decent 5 point will probably do if the weather doesn't cooperate. Any help appreciated
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    Need Info help on unit 41 Nov Deer For Idaho

    Good buddy of mine drew unit 41 in november for deer......Need some help in some likely spots to go to to get a good buck, We/he are not wimps and got the all the gear. Ay help is appreciated.
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    Cutts Deer He Missed In ND

    Here is a couple of deer I missed shots on with my bow at a range of 20 yards each(yeah need more practice) :mad: but got a chance on these 2 out of 4 to video them after the misses both were downwind of me while I was in ground blinds with my scent-loc suit on. The above one was a 12...
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    Cutthroat Got A Forked Horn WY Deer

    Well all I'm back from WY. It was an awsome hunt, coulda been better, only awesome cuz I got one!!! Started off in Jackpot, NV winning $1500 on dollar slots :D :D Headed out to WY on Friday and stayed at a friends in Rock Springs, WY and then off to Encampment, WY on Sat and spent about 2...
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    Cutthroat Is Goin Huntin

    Ok all see you in a week got a date with a muledeer with my bow starting Saturday afternoon. Leaving tomorrow AM. My buddy has 2-28" muleys scoped out and should be a test of nerves to keep still. Fortunately they are on private ground so no worries of them spooking out to the next county. If I...
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    Funny Montana Story

    From the state where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes a true story from near Billings, Montana. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a local neighborhood tavern. Late in the evening the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man...