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    Spot hogg fast eddie

    Hello all, I am a beginner archer who is looking to buy a sight. I have a prime centergy and am looking to put a 5 pin fast Eddie on it. Just wanted to get some opinions on the sight and any issues you've had. Thanks!
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    Elite 35

    Hello all, I am in a position where I may be trading for an elite 35 bow. This will be my first bow. Just curious what people think about it before pulling the trigger. I've read some good reviews on it and haven't seen much negative but want to know if anyone shoots one and if they like it. tia
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    Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 6x24x50 SOLD

    In excellent condition. Looking to trade for vortex viper hs 4x16x44 or similar scope. Would also do $500 cash. Thanks.
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    Hornhunter main beam $100

    I have a like new hornhunter mainbeam in grey. Approximately 2200 cubic in. Hip belt buckle needs replaced but hornhunter said they'd send a new one so not a big deal. I will post photos as soon as I can.
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    HornHunter Main Beam

    I have a like new hornhunter mainbeam in grey. Approximately 2200 cubic in. Hip belt buckle needs replaced but hornhunter said they'd send a new one so not a big deal. I will post photos as soon as I can.
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    Looking for a kuiu icon pro 3200 l/xl belt size. Bag, suspension and carbon fiber. Also open to 3600 Pro set up.
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    WTB Horn Hunter Full Curl

    I am looking to buy a Full Curl Pack system. Please let me know what you have! TIA
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    Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody

    I have a 2xl Traverse cold weather hoody in subalpine only used on two hunts for sale for $160. I would be willing to trade for other pieces of sitka, kuiu, or firstlite depending on what the piece is. tia.
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    TC Triumph barrel rust

    Hello all. I have a TC Triumph that has a decent amount of rust at both ends and throughout the I interior of the barrel. It is from three years of sitting in the safe and not being super clean when put away (I know shame on me). Just curious if anyone has any recommendations on possible...
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    Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Bugle Tube

    In great condition, $25 shipped.
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    Badlands 2200 Pack

    Only used on two hunts. In great condition. Looking for $200 but am open to trading for other gear. No rips or tears all zippers work fine. Tons of space in large main compartment. Can haul elk quarters fine.
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    Colorado unit 22 deer

    Hello all!! This year I drew a 3rd season CO unit 22 buck tag. I know the area pretty well, have done plenty of both e-scouting and getting into the woods scouting. I have used go hunt and spoke with the game warden but i want to make sure i am ready to rock. Any insight on this unit would be...
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    Leupold BX4 Pro Guide 10X42 $550 SOLD!!

    In fantastic condition. Used one season and well taken care of. Sitka subalpine pattern. Comes with leupold carry case.
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    Buying my first bow

    I am in the market to purchase my first hunting bow. I am new to archery and don’t know much at all. I have done some research and have an idea of what I’m looking for but some input would be awesome. My setback is I am on a strict budget of $500, for bow, sight, and quiver. Any input would be...
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    ISO new tent

    Hey guys/gals, I am in search of a new tent for hunting in the high country of colorado. i am not looking for a spike camp/backpacking tent, rather i am looking for a base camp 3 or 4 person tent inside the $250 and under range. I hunt almost all seasons here in colorado so it has to be able to...
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    Leupold CDS System

    I am looking to buy a new scope for my Remington 700 .300 Win Mag, and have been looking at scopes compatible with Leupolds' CDS System. I currently have a Nikon Monarch 3x9x40 with the BDC system and am not the biggest fan of the BDC. I have done some research on the Leupold Scopes but not a...
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    Colorado Unit 21

    Hello, I am looking for some tips and pointers regarding a certain unit in Western CO. I am planning a first rifle bull hunt in unit 21. I have been to the unit to glass and scout once already and have found what look to be some good elk habitat. I have done my research via DOW game guides...
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    Seeking Information

    Hey all! So im looking at buying my first bow to hunt elk with in colorado. i have researched a couple different bows and have a general idea of what im looking for. With that i will be the first in my family and hunting group to take up hunting archery so I dont have many resources locally to...
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    Moms 2017 Early Rifle Elk

    So this post is not pertaining to a hunt that I had the tag for, rather it is about my mom getting to do the hunt of a lifetime here in Colorado. For 23 years she patiently waited for the opportunity to draw a tag in a unit that she wanted to hunt from the day she began hunting. The season was...
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    Hi all! So I am new to the forum, heard about it from a friend and thought that I would give it a shot! A little about myself I hunt primarily in Colorado but hoping to begin branching out into other western states. My passion is chasing elk, though I do spend alot of time pursuing Mule Deer...