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    Idaho elk trip bust!!!!

    Well just got back from Idaho, and sorry to say no one got any elk. There were four of us in the group. Unit 21 on top of long tom ridge. Well I ran into 2 spikes the first day but could not get close enough to get a shot. My buddie Alex on the second day had a shot at a very large 6x7(which was...
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    How to Show Photos

    I would like to share with you all my first elk, Stupid me cant figure out how to paste them in this little box. Help please? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad:
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    Roads in 21 and 21a ?

    I'm asking a lot of questions I know. I qould like to know if anyone has info on road conditions in these areas? How far do they reach into the wilderness? Are they muddy? :rolleyes: :(
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    Elk meat Get from Idaho to Az ??

    Ok lets say I get a big fatty elk. Whats the best way to transport it 1054 miles and preserve the meat??? :rolleyes: :confused:
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    Elk Calls And Scent

    Question? Do I use my bugle to call in a bull or do I use a cow call. And is cow estrus scent any good for atracting a bull or should I not bother. I will be Hunting Sep 6 - Sep 13 during the rut. :rolleyes: :(
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    Idaho non resident going elk in 21 and 21a

    I would like to know where to start and if any one might know a game processing place in or around Salmon, Idaho. There are 4 of us going and if someone gets lucky the first day , we would need to store the meat until we are ready to come home. Also are there any elk in the 21 and 21a areas...