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    At Last

    Congrats House of Nut...glad to see you're getting there. I'll call you soon, I hope. :( Sounds to me like a got a heckuva deal on my little piece of heaven. :o
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    Proud of my Daughter

    You ought to see them when the nurse gives him the dilation drops instead of the steriods. :eek: Flipper, I'm calling you tomorrow AM...I promise...I think.:confused:
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    Help shape the future of wildlife

    To borrow a phrase from Ithaca, anyone who cares about hunting should take this survey.
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    My boy's first hunt!

    Are you my brother? ;) Congrats, John! I love the last pic..."Are you touching my elk?" :D
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    Idaho & Montana hunting trip...

    Holy crap! ;) Looks like a great 2 weeks.
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    1st Juvenile Deer Hunt

    Good luck, Alexis!
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    Want to come to Ohio?

    No, Nut, you've got it ALL wrong...that deer was taken, yeah, that's it. FAR FAR AWAY from southern Ohio. :D I'm surprised they didn't plug the seed company used in that food plot. We'll see it soon enough, I'm sure.
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    Blessed again!

    First there was the millions from the gent in Zimbabwe, and now this in my email today: I CANNOT WAIT to get my PHD in physics, then an goodness, won't I look intelligent. :D
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday, Knothead! :D
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    My New Addiction.... "HOUSES"

    I totally agree with the LLC concept. Wheelin' and dealin' is cool until you screw up and they take your chit.
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    Where I go see a movie

    That's cool. We've got nothing but chains with stadium seating and one run-down local joint that cut its screens in half size-wise in order to double the number. :rolleyes: The only time I'm in a setting like that is when we go to see Blue's Clues, Sesame Street Live, or the occasional musical...
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    My New Addiction.... "HOUSES"

    We talked about trying one house more than once but decided against it because of the maintenance headaches. Maybe when I grow up a little bit. :)
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    Let's see where everybody is(Frapper)

    That's funny, IE window died, too. Stupid Windows ME. :(
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    What's Up With Wal-Mart

    Apparently a lot of the "illegal firearm acquisitions" in New Orleans were made from Wal-Marts. That's just a rumor I heard, I don't know if it's based on fact or not.
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    Wyoming mule deer 2005

    That's awesome, Buzz...congratulations to you and your friend.
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    Professional Gun Handling

    Turn your speakers up and pay close attention to what this guy says as he lectures the class about gun ownership.
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    TE scores

    Next stop Super Bowl!
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    think leasing is bad

    Sheeit...and a "management fee" on top of it. I can't believe people would buy into that.
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    Very Sad News:::

    Sorry for your loss, Hen.
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    LAW IS LAW (please read)

    Jose, that would imply a single authoritarian figure...these days you have to go with "In the Non-denominational Deity or Deities of Your Choice We Trust." :p Del, I agree about the Pledge of Allegiance, except that I think they should explain what the little buggers are pledging to. I spent a...