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    WTF Wyoming Wyoming...where people don't like clean water. It literally boggles my mind that people support making water more contaminated. This flies in the face of Big Fin and his assertion that in general everyone wants clean...
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    Waders that don't suck?

    Do they exist? Of is that asking too much. I mean we have self driving electric cars and rovers 4-wheeling on Mars you'd think someone would figure out how to make waders that don't leak.
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    Just a cool piece of mainstream media I can't wait for the next installment. I really hope it works for them, they represent a big part of the American Dream.
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    I thought it was a pretty cool activist docu. But I've been very anti hatchery for a long time, we waste so much damn tax payer $$$ on them which such little return on that investment I don't see how anyone could support it. Highlight: Montana was the shining example of what wild fisheries...
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    HCN on hunting

    The latest issue of High Country News is devoted to hunting. So far from what I've read it's been really good.
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    Office pants

    Totally un-hunting related. I need some new office pants. I've been rocking dockers or random costco specials, both seem to shrink on me and I end up wearing high waters after a year or so. I'm looking for something with a little synthetic in them to control the shrinking and maybe add a little...
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    A cool time lapse of SW OR timber harvest

    The actual article is about herbicide spraying, but I really enjoyed the time lapse so I thought I would share. In a place that gets that much rain it's fun to see how places cut in 1980's look very uncut in 2016...
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    WY law makers appear to want reductions in migration corridors The Gov seems to disagree, thankfully. I do love some of the mapping in the article.
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    Sell me a warm coat

    I'm in need of warm coat for both wearing around town (i.e. kids soccer games) and possibly hunting (not backpacking). It doesn't need to be ultralight weight, or overly packable, nor camo (but not safety neon), nor overly quiet. It does need to be very warm and water/rain resistant, and...
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    The "Silence" Sitka film

    Anyone watch this yet? All I can say is "No thanks." I understand the idea of becoming obsessed and that to a certain degree is likely required to be the absolute best ____. But jeez, talk about missing out on the big picture, forgetting the forest for the trees, and sucking the fun completely...
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    WY Elk summary

    I tried to come up with a creative title and I blanked... which is fitting for the trip. In the thread earlier this spring about goals for the year I said I finally wanted to shoot a big bull (at least I think that's what I said). Well on some good advice from some members on here I spend the...
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    WA high buck

    I have dabbled with this hunt many times over the years. As I've taken hunting more and more seriously I have found more and more "success". The first two trips I never saw a deer. This last one I finally saw a legal buck (3 pt min), I nice old, wide 5x6. But as old bucks are prone to do he gave...
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    Free Galaxy S7 Otterbox case

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    And the pendulum keeps swings higher and higher, in each direction I'm sure we'll get an equally idiotic and reactionary response from the pro-gun side soon. At some point we either need to relax, tone down the rhetoric and...
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    Wolves make people crazy. Fact FB was plastered with 100s of death threats from both sides of the issue. There was even a bomb threat. I don't know how society is supposed to manage an issue when you can't...
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    Ruger M-96 .22LR

    My first gun was a Ruger M-96 level action. I still have it and it's now my only .22. The kids are just getting old enough to start shooting and I realized this weekend when we were out shooting it just how terrible the trigger is, especially for them. My son has to use 2-3 finger to pull it and...
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    Land Locked State Lands... millions of acres I don't want to hear how the states are better, they own significantly less than the feds and still can't get us access, and when they do acquire it, it's through a freakin' federal grant (LWCF)!
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    HCN on western public lands and outdoor rec

    Not sure how I missed this one when it came out, but it has some sweet stats/graphs.
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    Outside Mag on the NEPA process I encourage you to grunt through the first couple of paragraphs, it gets better after that. I know some people on here will disagree with the stance taking by Wes but I think it has some valuable info that many of us...
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    I love stories like this

    It's not America but I love to see idiots caught and forced to do what's right.