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    decker fire unit 82/86 salida area

    How is the decker fire going to affect the deer hunting in the units? With the northern 1/3 of the unit being completely closed and that being where i had focused most of my aerial scouting and planning this has really hurt my plans!
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    coyote hunting in central or western nebraska? dakotas?

    Being a avid coyote hunter I am really wanting to make a trip "out west" for coyotes. There is not much for public lands in these states and what there is a guy could burn through calling in a few hours, with hours between spots. Has anyone Had much luck asking for permission? Around here you...
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    SE Ak bear hunt dates?

    planning my south east alaska black bear hunt. To those that have done this hunt what do you think is the right date window to go? Early May to catch first green up? Mid May for more bears out? Late May for better weather? Early June for the rut? Those that have hunted POW did you find more of...
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    co deer 82 3rd rifle

    We are going to unit 82 for 3rd rifle deer. We traditionally backpack hunt but we are planning on more of a moving base camp and spiking out. From what i have seen on other threads most are elk hunting in the southern half of the unit but i could be wrong. Like everyone we are hoping for snow...
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    colorado unit 76 3rd rifle deer

    has anyone hunted unit 76 for deer in 3rd rifle? I am sitting on 6pts and ready to use them. unit looks promising quality wise but hard to hunt. Hopefully the november 2-10 dates help some to get a few bucks rutty.
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    long range shooting videos

    i have the following videos that i am getting rid of How to shoot beyond belief videos $55 tyd How to dope wind beyond belief video $30 tyd Defensive edge long range hunting $30 tyd Takeem25@hotmail
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    mystery ranch 6500 nice

    Mystery ranch 6500 coyote brown medium belt with no pockets. Tall suspension. Bought new last year. No wear on the pack. With the daypack lid. $575 tyd Takeem25@hotmail
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    badlands 4500 pack

    Badlands 4500 pack. Average condition. First generation. $200tyd 618-599-0016 Joseph Ewing
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    sitka bivy 45

    i have a sitka bivy 45 in optifade open country. pack is older model. it is in great shape with no rips or tears and perfect working order. $175 shipped I bought it used to test out and compare it to my badlans 4500. have since ordered a mystery ranch 6500.