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  1. ajricketts

    Best Heart and Tenderloin I’ve Ever Eaten

    As rare as you are comfortable eating. Hot and fast for sure.
  2. ajricketts

    Back in Florida

    Welcome also from S. Florida!
  3. ajricketts

    New from Washington

    Welcome! I was born and raised in Puyallup!
  4. ajricketts

    First Euro Mount - DIY

    Great job on your first one!
  5. ajricketts

    Post hunt depression?

    Already did that back in September. Our first night was cold lol.
  6. ajricketts

    Post hunt depression?

    I honestly don't mind the unfulfilled tag. I went into it knowing that was a real possibility. I think the biggest thing for me has been the lulls between trips. I waited all year for hunting season, had one amazing trip, and now I'm sitting on my hands again for a couple of months waiting to go...
  7. ajricketts

    Post hunt depression?

    I think that's my biggest struggle. We have one little family trip for the birthday of youngest this weekend, and then nothing. Just work, life, etc. Even my remaining hunts aren't nailed down on dates and will likely be 1 - 2 days. I can't help but think of the empty months ahead before I...
  8. ajricketts

    Be careful where you plant your butt to glass!

    😲😲 Y'all are tougher than I am lol.
  9. ajricketts

    Post hunt depression?

    lol I don't even want to plan, how bad is that?? Actually, we're kind of stuck on the planning at the moment due to a potential opportunity. We have the points to likely draw the MT combo tax next year and that is the overall plan. Seems like a solid thing to start planning for right? HOWEVER...
  10. ajricketts

    Post hunt depression?

    Anyone else going through this? Dad and I had our Idaho hunt in mid/late September that was a ton of fun even though we can home empty handed. We haven't been able to get out since due to life/work obligations and the annoyingly hot weather down here in south Florida (stay tuned for the "I'm...
  11. ajricketts

    2019 Alaska Bison Hunt - Start date November 2nd

    Yes! Can't wait for the story.
  12. ajricketts

    Wyoming knows how to manage mule deer

    Very nice read. Sounds like it was a great time by all!
  13. ajricketts

    MT Elk Opener

    Congrats! I'm hoping to be somewhere in MT for 2020.
  14. ajricketts

    Old Military Photos from Hunttalkers

    I love this thread! Thank you all!
  15. ajricketts

    Wyoming Double Elk

    Congrats all around! Great story.
  16. ajricketts

    Wandering the Breaks

    It's been said and I'm late to the game, but huge congrats on a great story and beautiful bull. This is the kind of hunt of which mean of us dream.
  17. ajricketts

    Average Joe's 2019

    That's a decent FL buck right there!
  18. ajricketts

    Actual Weight of Meat - Can we be honest?

    My total pack out weight is about 280lbs, but that just includes me and my pack so I guess that isn't too helpful. 🤷‍♂️ BUT! I'm interested in this, so I'm bumping this up in the "unread" section. You're welcome.
  19. ajricketts

    Tennessee please

    @JohnCushman Hope you're doing well! I just got back from a few days in the Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Sevierville area and remembered this thread. I know that's not where you're looking but that state sure is pretty this time of year. I could be convinced to make the move myself after driving...
  20. ajricketts

    Llama Drama - A Tale of Sloth

    I want to like you @wllm1313 , I really do. But every time you post a successful hunt I hate you a little more. Especially so when everything looks so proper and well done while I run around the mountains like a squirrel with his tail on fire. sigh, hats off to you for another successful hunt...