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  1. Birddy

    A Dream Becomes Reality

    Incredible story and pictures!
  2. Birddy

    Meet the Pochards

    Wow, that is incredible
  3. Birddy

    2019 Archery Season Over

  4. Birddy

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Awesome bull!
  5. Birddy

    2019 Archery Season Over

    Had a couple different bucks on camera this summer that were what I consider a “shooter”. Most of them were in an area I needed a NW wind to hunt. Well we had 4 straight days of SE winds to start the season. I not so patiently waited and finally got a chance to sit my best stand and on my second...
  6. Birddy

    Scouting/Trail camera pics

    It sure looks like it
  7. Birddy

    Scouting/Trail camera pics

    Really hoping this guy walks by in 8 days!
  8. Birddy

    Sheep hunt 2019

    Good read!
  9. Birddy

    Montana Unit 410 Block Management

    I have been doing a whole bunch of E Scouting lately and am finding myself over whelmed. Thankfully this unit has a lot of public to choose from. I am just now looking into the block management land. I am quickly realizing that i am going to need to pick a part of the unit and focus. Do you...
  10. Birddy

    ND small game seasons set

    Finally get to take advantage of the squirrel rut! What a time to be alive!
  11. Birddy

    Book recommendations?

    I would highly recommend all of capsticks books. Also, probably my favorite book of all time is by Jim Corbett. I don’t know the name off the top of my head but it’s short stories about him hunting man eating tigers and leopards
  12. Birddy

    Missouri Breaks Scouting

    Bring my dad shoes. Got it
  13. Birddy

    Missouri Breaks Scouting

    I drew a 410 archery permit and I am trying to build my hunting and scouting plan. For a couple different reasons i will be hunting the last week of September. I had planned to come out in August and do a weekend scouting trip to check out camping locations, road accessibility, look for elk...
  14. Birddy

    3-5 day DIY deer hunting destinations

    That is an incredibly cool picture!
  15. Birddy

    How is the recoil pad on the factory Tikka T3x lite stainless?

    I replaced mine with a limb saver and have been very pleased
  16. Birddy

    ND walleye smack down

    Awesome fish! I have been meaning to put a post up one of these days as well. June was a heck of a month for fishing
  17. Birddy

    Happy Fathers Day!

    It truly is a happy Father’s Day!
  18. Birddy

    The downside of a driven bird dog

    I don’t deal with a lot of drool but the shedding is enough to make my pickup look like the van in dumb and dumber I think
  19. Birddy

    Career Advice

    This is right on the money. First thing that came to my mind and you took the words out of my mouth. Pay and schedules will vary wildly but if you can get on with a good company you could get the best of both pay and schedule. They usually treat their engineers well
  20. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    This was in ND on a small prairie lake