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  1. Bigjav

    New guy from Central Coast, CA

    If you want to buy a rifle by all means go for it.. however keep in mind that in Cali you’re required to be lead free now. So if you do decide on getting a new one be sure that there is lead free ammo for that caliber readily available, preferably locally because a lot of the online places shy...
  2. Bigjav

    Wyoming Region G hunt

    you are a better man than me if you would’ve passed on that buck😬
  3. Bigjav

    Bobcat Hunting Outlawed in California

    The guy is nothing more a 🤬tool who’s too stupid too realize it
  4. Bigjav

    Ask your onX Hunt questions here!

    If I download maps for offline use and then upgraded to the premium or elite version will the property owners show up offline?
  5. Bigjav

    California Azone-Dzone

    AO tags are really tough to fill once they get hard horned, they seem to find another gear and the numbers of hunters out in the field aren’t doing you any favors. However with the cooler weather at least they’re not completely nocturnal
  6. Bigjav

    California Azone-Dzone

    Which D zone are you thinking because not all are created equal
  7. Bigjav

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    Pics look awesome, sounds like you had a blast
  8. Bigjav

    243 BC

    Barnes put out a LRX bullet intended for a 6mm CM, they say it needs a 1:8 twist but yours might like it, I mean a 1:10 twist can stabilize a 200gr 30 caliber 😆
  9. Bigjav

    WTS - Vortex Viper 3-9x40 BDC

    Tube diameter?
  10. Bigjav

    Are cheap tripods worth it?

    I don’t know if they have them anymore, but I got a very sturdy (albeit heavy) one from mono price a few years ago along with a camcorder pan head and don’t have any real complaints
  11. Bigjav

    168 gr Nosler E-Tip and the 30-06

    A 168gr bullet should get enough velocity out of a 30-06 to take down anything within reasonable range.. it just depends on if your rifle likes that particular bullet
  12. Bigjav

    Vortex razor 4000

    Anyone have any experience with this rangefinder?
  13. Bigjav

    San Luis Res./Gilroy Hog/Deer

    Lots of refuges for ducks in the winter
  14. Bigjav

    No points, Looking for 2020 OTC Pronghorn

    The OTC will likely be an Archery hunt.. a rifle tag will likely require at least 1 point
  15. Bigjav

    San Luis Res./Gilroy Hog/Deer

    It’s hard to tell, my buddies go pretty often and have had some success. I’ve been in the winter to pig hunt but hard to imagine being there in July when I could be trout fishing and scouting in the Sierra while beating the heat for a little bit
  16. Bigjav

    San Luis Res./Gilroy Hog/Deer

    The public land that is in the area gets super popular this time of year and the majority of the animals get pushed to private
  17. Bigjav

    Game attraction to camera

    got this one the other day of a bobcat taking it’s lunch home... I thought that was pretty cool to see
  18. Bigjav

    Spot hogg fast eddie

    Never tried the fast eddy but I love my Hogg Father sight