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  1. Sytes

    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    BHA leadership needs to get back to its core, public lands in public hands. This is what attracts the actual, "backcountry hunters and anglers" to an organization labeled Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. BHA leadership is stretching itself as it grows and leaving hunters and anglers asking...
  2. Sytes

    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    One word at a time... google dictionary, ftw… You're joining forces with NHY. edumacting me, one word at a time. Then the challenge of putting them together to decipher the meaning of... what? :D
  3. Sytes

    3rd FF HT league

    Had to be one of the best Monday Night Football games. Epic!
  4. Sytes

    3rd FF HT league

    And then San Fran D shows the flipping fairy what FFL is all about! #nolocketttd! 😲😲😲😲
  5. Sytes

    3rd FF HT league

    Come on Tooth fairy! Sanders out... Now Lockett! Pull his teeth!
  6. Sytes

    Two shooters/hunters and one deer

    There very reason I avoid pumpkin patches... At least one of the top reasons.
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    Funniest videos/pic to brighten your day

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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    Eek... :) No harm, no foul - Neffa. Weyerhaeuser? 7.5 billion for fy 2019. Granted it's not 45 bil… speaking of U.S. and not Saudi, UAE, etc.. , 7.5 bil is a pretty good value for U.S... It's pretty darn unfortunate we are not harvesting near the renewable resource from our public lands...
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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    Forestry. Public land timber sales ---> Logging / carpentry, etc jobs---> from paper to houses. Renewable resource. In excess of 45 bil
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    From the start, I've shared opposition towards, "motorized" e-bikes and find it almost worth laughing at the idea they are viewed a "non motorized" by BLM though it's not a laughable matter... I do believe this would / may be a segue towards tangible discussions with the backcountry cyclists...
  11. Sytes

    On My Own (backyard) Adventure - Pic Heavy

    Believe you may need to slide your sniper perch back a few feet. Muzzle flash from .177 may expose your position. Those Farkers have a mean torpedo action once their target's acquired. Might maintain a decoy... A dark Brooks Brothers suit coat.
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    SE MT Mule Deer Live Hunt 2019

    Best to your frosty hunt!
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    Veterans Day

    Appreciation every day, every hour. Veterans Day & this weekend our country dedicates to you. Thank you for your service.
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    3rd FF HT league

    Had my ass handed to me in a bucket of raccoon crap... I'm using past tooth fairy wishes that are yet to come true to have Emmanuel Sanders miss his first potential reception and slam into Tyler Lockett on the Seahawk's sideline. Both injured enough to pull them from the game... #Noseriously...
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    Horse, llama, goat pack animals

    As a young buck, "wrangling" in GNP, I received a love tap by a mule who I was trying to shoo from one pasture to another. He spun his hind so darn quick... gave me a kick right in the chest and sent me into the buckrail. Transported for x-rays. A cracked rib and a bit of torked cartilage...
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    What Kind of a Pot Do You Use For Cooking Skulls?

    Bling factor, ftw! Without the bling, this is along the same line as I have... I have to say though, it's sat a few years now - believe my wife has turned it into a planter box for some annuals.
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    What if I never....

    There's always river bottom does... #winforlosers
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    Time for Land Tawney to step down?

    Haha! "Their end product" = You. The feuding... This thread is about BHA leadership direction and here we are the MAIN topic flips into yet another debate over Climate Change... Prime example why the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are more and more crediting the, "green decoy" label that's...
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    Friday drive

  20. Sytes

    Friday drive

    A flip on the Friday, "Drive" though The Cars message, Who's gonna drive you home - tonight...