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    Solo diy archery hunt

    I am thinking about next year heading out west to go elk hunting for my first time. I am thinking about doing archer either in wyoming Idaho or Montana. How hard is it to go solo in the rut?
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    Idaho Unit 17 over the Counter

    I am looking into doing an over the counter elk/deer hunt in Idaho this fall. I have been looking at unit number 17. Does anybody have any input in whether its a good unit for a beginner? or should I keep looking? Thanks in advance!!
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    Cva muzzleloader load for whitetail

    For christmas I received a cva wolf muzzleloader with a Konus scope. Are there any recommendations on what to load my gun for whitetail deer, for pronghorn, and for elk?? Thanks for any help??
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    Meat Grinder

    So, my Dad and I are interested in buying a meat grinder probably from Cabelas. Does anybody have any recommendations for one, but one that is not really expensive.
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    Recommended over the counter Unit

    In the fall of 2019 I want to go out west hunting. I want to go to either Idaho, or Montana. In Idaho I would get both an elk tag and a deer tag. That way if I see either I can hunt them. Or Montana, with the general elk and deer combo. Which state would you recommend me to go to why? And would...
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    Mystery Ranch Backpack?

    I am looking to buy a mystery ranch back pack that I can use for back pack trips, and pack back hunting. I see Randy using the mystery ranch metcalf all the time. Does that work good for a five day hunting back pack hunt? or Should i get the Mystery Ranch Marchall? Or does anybody have any other...
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    Gaining Points??

    So I am a college student that is about to graduate college in the fall, what state would you recommend me to start gaining points if I want a good elk hunt within the next 5-10 years with either bow, muzzleloader, or rifle?
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    Shotgun or Muzzleloader

    So on all of Randy Newberg's Talks he says that whatever gun you use for deer hunting can work for elk hunting, but I live in Ohio where we are limited on shotgun slugs, and Muzzleloader. What would you guys recommend me to do? Or what Caliber of gun would be good to start with?
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    What do you guys know about llamas? Where can I find pack llamas that I can purchase??
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    Hello Fellow hunters from the Buckeye state

    Hello one and all. I am a student at Ohio State, studying animal science. I plan on Graduating this fall. Next fall I want to go elk hunting! I hunt deer right now with slug gun, and bow. But, what bigger and better to hunt. I have loads of questions that i want answers for, and I was told the...