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  1. TLowell02

    Burn boss indicted

    Let's hope the trial is moved and summarily dismissed.
  2. TLowell02

    Texas Panhandle Fires

    Typical Texas fire management for ya.
  3. TLowell02

    FREE*Davis Tent Guy Lines and tensioners*FREE

    @millerkiller77 Sending a message your way
  4. TLowell02

    NM Unit 50

    First or second archery?
  5. TLowell02

    NM Unit 50

    I daresay temper your hopes too. That is one tough unit to archery hunt. It is primarily winter ground.
  6. TLowell02

    7,700 acres of new public access for KS

    That's awesome. The WIHA program really is a shining beacon of private-public cooperation. Hopefully the added lands are in one of my two deer units out west.
  7. TLowell02

    GMU 521 Archery

    I seriously doubt you'll see any less hunters. If CPW followed precedent, the number of draw tags will be very similar to the number of OTC hunters. Either way, good luck and enjoy the beautiful terrain.
  8. TLowell02

    Wyoming NR Elk Results Posted

    FYI the results appear to be posted. I checked my preference points and they are zeroed out and shows "successful" under "Draw License Results".
  9. TLowell02

    Valle Vidal Spring Bear Hunt 2023

    I believe that place gets hit hard with shed hunters. My wife drew a spring turkey tag a few years ago and it seemed shed hunters were every where, on foot and horseback.
  10. TLowell02

    Another commissioner gone leaves no commission.

    I don't recall ever seeing turnover at this rate.
  11. TLowell02

    NM draw is open.

    The draw tag has always been valid for statewide OTC area. I'm assuming by shortening the hunts they in turn increased the number of hunts, in turn increasing the number of tags.
  12. TLowell02

    What to do with cranes.

    The legs and thighs work very well in a pressure cooker. I wish my roommate and I had one in grad school as it makes me cringe thinking about all the perfectly good meat we wasted by simply breasting the birds. A couple weeks ago my wife discovered two bags of crane thighs and legs labeled...
  13. TLowell02

    ND Archery Buck

    Congrats on a nice buck! I sure enjoyed my one season of deer hunting when I lived there in 2007.
  14. TLowell02

    Colonoscopy jokes - The jokes are on me.

    Sounds like we're in the same boat. I'm only 38 and already due for my second colonoscopy. Not looking forward to the prep but otherwise the procedure is no big deal.
  15. TLowell02

    KS Muleys

    Seems that is the story every year out there.
  16. TLowell02

    Drought in Alaska

    What crew or unit is he on?
  17. TLowell02

    What are you currently reading?

    This book is a fascinating read about a one-armed rancher living in the Gila around the turn of the century.
  18. TLowell02


    Would you be willing to sell the stove separately?
  19. TLowell02

    New Mexico is going up in flames

    Also a new lightning start in the Datils. So far only 0.1 acre.
  20. TLowell02

    County roads passing through private lands?

    And what do you gain by doing so?

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