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  1. Tinner2216

    colo unit 74, any pireps

    Wow. That's it, just WOW!!!
  2. Tinner2216

    GPS or phone

    Claxity, large screen, and additional features all lend itself to the phone. Carried both for one year, after that just the phone.
  3. Tinner2216

    First elk on our first morning!

    Congratulations young man!! Beautiful first elk.🏕🔥👊
  4. Tinner2216

    First elk

    Congrats to your nephew and his guide👍🤔 Still amazed at how much elk detest side by sides and wheelers
  5. Tinner2216

    First elk !

    First elk.. or twentieth, beautiful elk. Congratulations!!!
  6. Tinner2216

    1st elk

    Nice, first elk is one you will remember!!
  7. Tinner2216

    Hunt a crappy unit or stay home

    Had some health issues a three years back and couldn't elk hunt that season, hunt it!! I appreciate every hunt a little more now.
  8. Tinner2216

    I’m that guy.

    Best of luck. I believe you will thoroughly enjoy your hunt, great unit.
  9. Tinner2216

    Arizona - Check your cards

    No hit on my card...14 points just wasn't enough!😁
  10. Tinner2216

    My wife’s big New Mexico Bull

    Nice!! Holy thirds, that's an old beast!! Congratulations on a beautiful elk.
  11. Tinner2216

    Wyoming general elk adventure!

    Thanks for the report!
  12. Tinner2216

    2022 Elk

    Very well stated, beauty of hunting!!
  13. Tinner2216

    Buried in Wyoming

    Welcome aboard from Mn
  14. Tinner2216

    New to the HT family.

    Welcome from MN.
  15. Tinner2216

    New guy from Northern Wisconsin

    Welcome from Minnesota neighbor!
  16. Tinner2216

    Wyoming area 41 type 2

    Comments are all true, depending on which part of the unit you are in. Also agree, not a chance it goes 2nd choice this year.🤷‍♂️🏕
  17. Tinner2216

    Bow Kill On Video

    Nice!! Incredible how quickly they go down on a great shot!! Love the slow motion
  18. Tinner2216

    Wyoming Elk Unit 1

    Spot on always! 👍
  19. Tinner2216

    Over Crowding in Montana Archery Elk

    Really? Phrased the question wrong, was wondering how the hunt went, not the location. Thanks for the polite response tho! (That is sarcasm)
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