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    Idaho hot spots for elk

    E-scouting done for the year, Preciate it!
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    Elk Pictures w/ Score

    I don’t know a thing about scoring elk, but I do appreciate all these pics! Awesome stuff
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    A Rollercoaster Ride Through The CO Alpine

    Awesome story! And great bull
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    Transferable skills... whitetail to elk

    So having no whitetail experience AND no elk experience would be better..? Seems as tho I have a chance!
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    The Roosevelt elk hunt of my dreams...

    The anticipation… Good luck!
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Still an awesome bull to have history with!
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    Wyoming general elk tag units

    I have no experience in Grizz country…but everytime I read one of these posts it makes me wanna go more and more!😁
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    Life is Getting Short. Its Time For Plan B!

    Huh…if I come asking for help, usually I’m just thankful for the responses and take them with a grain of salt. Instead of bashing the people I asked for help, when they give their opinion🤔
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    x-bows Montana illegal for old and handi-cap , during the archery season

    Man y’all are tough. Guess I don’t see the huge problem with allowing crossbows in archery season. You see guys take 60+ yard archery shots anyways. What’s an extra 30-40 yards for the guys that like to take long shots. How many extra people are really going to be out there killing elk in...
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    Colorado Help

    “Rocky mountain ranches” might be a good option for ya. Reasonably priced for 5 day hunts. Depends on budget though
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    Calling mature bulls early rut

    How do you know you’re going to be calling old mature bulls and not younger bulls….do you only bust out the “old bull” tricks once confirmed? If so…I’m doing this wrong 😉
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