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    Help shape the future of wildlife

    To borrow a phrase from Ithaca, anyone who cares about hunting should take this survey.
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    Blessed again!

    First there was the millions from the gent in Zimbabwe, and now this in my email today: I CANNOT WAIT to get my PHD in physics, then an goodness, won't I look intelligent. :D
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    Professional Gun Handling

    Turn your speakers up and pay close attention to what this guy says as he lectures the class about gun ownership.
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    From the "More than you wanted to know" Department

    Sorry...I thought it was high time for some Moosie-esque potty humor. ;)
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    Futures: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    A LOTR wannabe, or a new classic in its own right? I bet on the former, but here's hoping for the latter! The Narnia books were decent, if not quite as engaging as LOTR...but the movie is done by Disney. Yuk. :( Well, as long as Mickey doesn't show up somewhere I guess it'll be OK. ;)
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    Cracked skulls and women

    No, my wife didn't hit me with the frying pan. :p I saw some hunting show (Whitetail Hunting Magazine or something like that) Saturday morning, and they had a video from this guy who spotted a buck with a seemingly massive spread between two good antlers. He was running a doe; he kept his head...
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    Chupacabra: Revealed?

    Catch the story here.
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    A hunting dream come true

    It'll never happen, but it sure would be cool to hunt lion on the plains of...America! :D
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    Hunt Talk Hillbilly Fest: A Tribute

    Good times...good times. :D This year it's Little Nut's turn to bag the brown. Dangit. ;)
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    Only 10 days...

    until the KY elk draw results are posted. Come on, Gibson luck, don't fail me now! Oh, wait...maybe I'd better borrow someone else's luck. :o
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    *sigh* I won't even bother. Two spikes.
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    Team Nut

    I seem to recall some grumbling about of my logging road last November. :p So here's a special before/after extravaganza just for you: BEFORE: AFTER: I actually made a couple more passes after the last pic, so it's even better than it looks. It's all very...
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    Cabela's Memories in the Field

    I caught this for the first time a couple of days ago on The Outdoor's suprisingly not bad. Instead of having some hunting celebrity (or celebrity wannabe ;) ) constantly plugging sponsor products while hunting or fishing with expensive outfitters, it's made up strictly of home...
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    I didn't like this one too much, either. I kept waiting for a plot twist that never happened. 2 spikes.
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    Pretty standard pseudo-religious demon slaying fare. Good special effects and a few new twists to the age old "Hell come to earth" tale. Typical acting from Keanu Reeves. 2 Spikes from me.
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    We went for 20-odd days with no significant rainfall, then got dumped on for the better part of a week by the remnants of the last hurricane. Now the frickin' grass won't stop growing. :mad: I mowed it on Tuesday and it already needs cutting again. |oo It's almost August, you stupid weeds...
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    Here's what's going on in God's Country this month: *Black bears mate *Fox squirrels born *Quail hatch peaks *Black racers, king snakes, rat snakes lay eggs *American lotus, water lilies bloom in swamps, ponds *Yellow-fringed orchids bloom on crest of Pine Mountain *Offspring of big brown bats...
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    Shark Boy and Lava Girl

    We saw this at the local drive-in theater. Let's see...after getting there at a reasonable amount of time before the movie started (which means "late" for a drive-in :mad: ), driving in circles for what seemed like an hour looking for a spot big enough to fit the truck that my wife insisted on...
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    Batman Begins

    An interesting update to the often tried, often failed movie version. It's a lot darker and less schticky than the last go-around with Michael Keaton...I mean, Val Kilmer...I mean, George Clooney. ;) They tried to give reasonably plausible explanations of the various Bat-gadgets and the...
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    A friend's new transportation

    A rather eccentric coworker of mine loves big trucks. He's in the process of ditching his F250 for this late-70's Unimog: It has the shipping wheels installed in this pic (it's coming from Austria, I believe); the "real wheels" are in the bed, and will add another 12" to the height once...