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    In the Market for New Arrows.

    Gold Tip Pro Hunters for me. The value of fetching my own arrows continues to increase every year. Highly suggest sticking to building your own, if time allows.
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    Puffy pants

    This is a piece of gear I'm definitely adding to the arsenal this year. Borrowed a pair last year and GAME changer
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    Front moving through going to push out all the high pressure sitting over the gulf. SE is getting ready for a dumping the next few weeks and here comes the hurricanes. Willing to bet NM sees a good chunk of moisture from the system in the SW GOM by next week.
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    Idaho Super Tag Elk Hunt with Scott Jones

    This was such an awesome episode to watch. Really enjoyed seeing the comrodary and Scott punch his tag on such a phenomenal animal. Thank you for taking us along for the ride.
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    Interviewing During Hunting Season

    Work to live. Take the hunt and if they dont understand, find somewhere else that places value on this philosophy. Definitely dont bring it up during the interview, though. If position is offered, they will accommodate alot given how hard it is to find suitable candidates these days.
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    Anybody Buying Yet? Where’s the Bottom?

    I dont have the stomach for it. Feels too much like gambling for me because I cant roll the long term dice like you're supposed to. Thank god someone else manages my pension account.
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    (Questions/Advice) Wife wants to start hunting

    My experience has been to start cheap with what you buy her and see if she sticks with it. If she does, then ease her into the best gear possible. My wife loves to hunt and I want to make sure she continues to enjoy it, so she gets top of the line gear just like me .
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    New Zealand Stag Hunt

    Beautiful Stag Kiwi! I've admired your posts for a while as a lurker. Congrats on another job well done.
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    Black powder substitutes?

    BH209 here and never looking back. Had to get a special breech for my CVA after not heeding that wisdom upfront and blowing it on a big buck. Otherwise, it's been flawless.
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    Muzzy with 50 grains powder

    I think you've got a good plan and the felt recoil is liable to be significantly lower.

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