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    Sabot Slugs vs Nilgai

    Rifled slugs are for smooth bore. Sabots for rifled barrel. My experience with rifled slugs in smooth bore is acceptable hunting accuracy out to 70ish yards knowing the drop and holding accordingly. To the OP my experience is SST's always accurate out of any gun I've tried them but terminal...
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    Ultralight Climbers

    Because it's lewd comedy and this is a family site.
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    Ultralight Climbers

    Seriously just had this pop up after first looking at this thread. If I were younger maybe I would give a saddle more consideration but probably not. When I need a climber I use an older LW sit and climb. Only mod is a sling seat and third hand straps. Heavier yes but good back pack strap with...
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    Shotgun slugs

    That sucks. Fortunately I have a few boxes left and I probably won't hunt shotgun season again until I have grand kids. Then I'll have an excuse to buy a straight wall cartridge rifle.
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    Shotgun slugs

    Yep can be expensive and painful. Rifled barrel mean sabots. I've always had good accuracy out Hornadys but never been impressed with wound channel results. Usually just through and through on a double lung hit. Remington copper solids are what I settled on in our 20 and 12 ga. guns.
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    Grizz kills 2 in Banff w/ update

    Thanks but I don't really need any help.
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    Grizz kills 2 in Banff w/ update

    Old bear in bad shape with bad teeth. Similar to the maneater tiger from India stories. Can't imagine their last moments.
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    Outside of concerns about the motor.... As some one already said transom integrity is probably biggest concern. A boat of that age probably has wood glassed in place. Look for stress cracking at the corners that could indicate flex. Small cracks in gelcoat is not to be unexpected. Look for...
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    For sure he needs to know that you don't use, shoot, carry, pack or whatever the correct verb may be......... You "run" it or you're "runnin" it.
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    Worth a listen..this one hit home.

    Sound advice to be sure. Sometimes I can't help myself.
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    Worth a listen..this one hit home.

    Over all I like the song. Lyrics speak more to me in the first half then the second but I laughed the first time I heard the welfare queen lines. So whose side am I on if I like this song?
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    Owner of Deadhorse Outfitters LLC charged and fined $20,000

    The float plane doesn't have an outside the cabin storage area or pod for the iso and bear spray?
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    Iowa hunt fish grill and chill

    Spot burning? Did you just discover the internet?
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    Tell me about your elk camp canvas tent setup! Add pictures if you got em

    We ditched the camper and got this Kodiak Canvas tent. It surely looks like a glamping tent and it is but it's also solid. It came with the sip in screens for the awning. It came with the zip in walls/screens...
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    Iowa public trust resource for sale

    Pretty sure this is from 2013 regarding allowing Crossbows into the late muzzy / archery season. He's just a spokesperson anyway so whatever he says should be taken with a shaker of salt. I'm sure the bean...
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    Rebuild my outboard or junk it?

    I had a similar experience with a rebuild on a v6 Suzuki. I've also seen rebuilds last a long time. IMO 2 stroke V6 outboards are just a grenade waiting to blow. Only ones I've ever trusted are the ones I bought new. The cost is a kick in the ding ding though.
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    Dog advice please

    I have honestly never seen a dog roll in it's own doo. My dogs don't do it often but every once in a great while they seem to find a greazy turd they just can't resist.
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