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    My friends Cat pics.......

    hEY SUPERSIDER Cool cat.. You told me in a previous post that you were waiting for a friend to take you cat hunting this year.. Did you go yet or are you still waitning on your friend................
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    Got my Cougar

    Cool pics Gila Awesome cat-- congrats
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    Another great archery

    Hey supersider Nice bucks I would of been happy to tag either one of those hogs... Well done and good luck. Let me know how your cougar hunt comes out.
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    Cougar Down

    Last Sunday finally had a chance to give the hounds a chance to go chase some cougars. Hooked up with a couple of friends Tom and Andy. Started out about 6:30 in a honey hole I have that has produced 5 cats in the last 2 years.. This huge canyon runs from the base of the mountains all the way to...
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    CJ soapbox [illegals]

    I can tell you that where I live in AZ SS cards are so easy to buy and get ahold of. I had a guy come in looking for work last week he was a friend of a guy that works for me. He had 3 SS cards and said to pick the one I wanted to use.. Yeah I showed him to the door. Also in the mix of all...
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    Hey Moosie

    Moosie Lets say we have x amount of dollars for the drawing the winner can then take a choice of 3 or 4 different hunts that cost that amount of money.. Or enough money for two members to go on the same hunt.. That way guys who would normally not get a chance to meet... and hunt together..
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    Hey Moosie

    Hey Moosie Just a thought here maybe way off base, but the hell.... Seems like we have plenty of members here and thought of a drawing for moosie members only.... Everyone who wants to get involved - lets say puts in $5 or $10 Or $20 bucks at a chance to win a hunt... All expences paid...
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    AZ Coues.

    CMC Nice buck, Its been a preety decent year from what ive been hearing.. They are quite a challenge... I didn't put in this year for rifle so that I could chase them in January with my bow... Its fun when the ruts on...
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    Chuckars are thick as flies

    T- Bone Have some friends in Nevada and they are saying the same thing , Best chuckar hunting they have ever seen, since they've been there. Going up there in Dec and do some myself for a week.. Chuckars and Huns.... Can't wait
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    Last year's WT (Pic)

    Hey Nemont Good luck on your hunt , let us know how it turns out and post some more of those cool pics. congrats to your buddy..
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    Eastern MT Bucks

    hey Nemont Cool pics- really like the 2nd one with all the trash on his head
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    Hardcore duck hunting or just plain stupid

    mtmiller great pics as always, Its starting to turn cold here also- I think it was 41 here this morning.
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    Few ram pictures from today

    MtMiller Once again cool pics-- Hey do you need a assitant
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    Been awhile

    Cody You kept your word to that young lady and took care of buisness... Somthing she'll never forget.. Job well done...
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    Did she get another?

    Cool pic- she seems real proud.. congrats to her...
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    Going Back...

    Hey Minnie Hang in there, you still got time.. Bad day of hunting is still better than a good day at work... Look at all the extra time you get to spend out hunting... Good luck
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    Welcome "Quigley_Sharps"

    Quig Welcome -- Once your on here its like a addiction, You just got to keep checking in and see what these crazy yahoos are up to.. My self excluded of course.
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    Keeping Promises

    Nut Dittos on the beaten- If you close both his eyes shut then he won't be able to smack your sister around anymore........ Hope she learns from this and dumps the bastard..... Maybe you should hold him down for your sister and let her beat the wind out of him... Good luck
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    Second trip to the mountains

    Hey Elkhunter Congrats on the elk... Hey if we killed somthing every time we shot it would take alot of the fun out of hunting.... Youll have some tender eats-enjoy
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    Sawtooth Elk hunting next week...

    Hey Moosie Was in that area a few years ago Thats some awesome country , I was camped along the wood river and caught some nice trout on the old fly rod ... Good luck on your hunt and post some pics..