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    Idaho Unit 46 Rifle Pronghorn

    Thanks. Lurked around here for a while but finally decided to create an account and participate.
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    Idaho Unit 46 Rifle Pronghorn

    Hi all, My wife drew a rifle pronghorn tag for Idaho's Unit 46!! The hunt is from Sept 25-Oct 24. Really looking forward to helping her fill this tag, hopefully with a decent speed goat. I haven't spent time in Unit 46, although I plan to spend a lot of time scouting, glassing, and getting...
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    Bull back from the taxi

    Awesome bull and the mount and taxidermy is great too!
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    Annual elk rifle thread

    Lots of good info in this thread. I'm primarily a bow hunter but looking to brush off my old 270 to take advantage of some other hunting opportunities!
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    Hunt a crappy unit or stay home

    Don't know your location or situation but I'd lean towards hunting unless you have a lot of points for a better hunt in a couple of years. If you have some buddies who drew and you can go along with them it might take the sting away of not having a tag yourself. IMO more time in the woods during...
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    Base Camp Tent Options For a Family of 4

    Bought a Davis tent a couple of years ago and have been very happy with it
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    1st elk

    Well done, congrats!
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    Which Caliber for Elk

    That's what I shoot, it's a great caliber. At some point I'd really like to add a 300 win mag to the armory but we'll see. So many wants so little money...
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    Awesome bull, congrats! What kind of mount did you go with?
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    Idaho elk Unit 41

    Congrats, I've done some upland hunting up in there but haven't spent any time looking for or hunting elk. My wife drew a pronghorn tag in a neighboring unit so we'll be in the general area doing some scouting. I'll let you know if I find out anything to share. Good luck!
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    Going to be a good fall-Elk down!

    Looking forward to hearing more!
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    Rifle Elk Caliber and Bullet Choice for 2023

    That's one way to do it

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