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  1. ShootsManyBullets

    Hunter attacked by dogs.

    If you use Vortex optics you'll always have an iron clad alibi if you accidentally kill a pooch.
  2. ShootsManyBullets

    Insulation discussion

    Drink more beer. You'll gain a natural insulation layer for your 6pack that you can use as fuel in a pinch.
  3. ShootsManyBullets

    OnX going away?

    respond with rand mcnally atlas
  4. ShootsManyBullets

    Dead woofs

    Maybe it was just a Vortex optics user who thought they were shooting some stray huskies?
  5. ShootsManyBullets

    Idaho unit 66, 66A

    Such a quiet place for a bot to get off the grid. Hopefully it can connect with starlink to take us along.
  6. ShootsManyBullets

    Idaho unit 66, 66A

    This is the type of question a bot would ask.
  7. ShootsManyBullets

    Fire Prone and Fat Animals - What This Whimpering Winter Might Mean for Wyoming

    Fear sells. Gotta sell climate fear, virus fear, Russian fear, etc. Then you can have endless wars on climate change, poverty, drugs, terror and anything else to drain our wallets.
  8. ShootsManyBullets

    Colorado unit 33 2nd season

    Unlikely. They just hit a bunch of sites looking for a handout then disappear until they need another.
  9. ShootsManyBullets

    West coast salmon recovery

    $$$ buys political influence Chinese money buys lots of it
  10. ShootsManyBullets

    Colorado unit 33 2nd season

    Depends on how deep they went in Tuckin Back Creek and if the found the Tranny Wallow
  11. ShootsManyBullets

    Drought for the west

    Problem is most of the Coloradoans are from California so they still identify as west coast in their new home.
  12. ShootsManyBullets

    Wyoming outfitters looking for points.

    If you share points you gotta share your sleeping bag.
  13. ShootsManyBullets

    Who's ready to ski!

    Beer is definitely better
  14. ShootsManyBullets

    Who's ready to ski!

    Head south - Bachelor has at least 70" base plus the 15 they got today.
  15. ShootsManyBullets

    Who's ready to ski!

    Yeah - include anyone with enough cash to play the game. :)
  16. ShootsManyBullets

    regular credit card theft?

    I'd like to get hit with some charges by WYOFG and possibly AZGF
  17. ShootsManyBullets

    Hunttalk makes it on Elkshape. You keyboard warriors! Lol

    So some grifters don't like being criticized? Not about to waste my buzz listening to those clowns. Congrats to whoever got the shout out about the cam juice.
  18. ShootsManyBullets

    2023 Colorado Mule Deer Day-By-Day Videos

    So just kill em all before CWD gets em? Or just take all the money before the wolves come in?
  19. ShootsManyBullets

    Matt Rinella knocking it outta the park

    Here's the response on behalf of everyone: