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    Portable Survival Shelters

    There are some guys attached to some Special Forces in Alaska who are putting it thru some tests right now as far as I know, plus some regular guys out of Southern Nevada, Mississippi, Washington and here in Montana There will be videos soon to see how its set up and used It is kind of a one...
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    Portable Survival Shelters

    To each his own Tyler :) .... I believe dealers and groups like to buy them in bulk, seems they find it cheaper by the dozen
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    Portable Survival Shelters

    These look like pretty good units, everything has its place I picked up a couple to see what it was since I know the guy Even though its made from the same material as a space blanket, the comparison is that of a car and a truck.... Same material, different uses Its packed so small and the...
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    New Survival Shelter

    Just curious.... I picked some up, they don't weigh much and would be good to keep from dragging a tent with you on and extended back country stay or throw in the bottom of a pack in case one needed a quick shelter
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    New Survival Shelter

    What do you guys think This thing is only 2 1/2" across, 8" long, rolled into a cylinder, weighs in at 5.6 ounces and opens to hold two people and some gear Can be used in almost any environment in any conditions
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    Portable Survival Shelters

    What do you guys think This thing is only 2 1/2" across, 8" long, rolled into a cylinder, weighs in at 5.6 ounces and opens to hold two people and some gear Can be used in almost any environment in any conditions
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    Montana Law?

    Since many of you guys like to hunt MT... Remember this is a legal law... "It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone."
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    Just for you Jose

    !!! MAN ALIVE !!! I've been mostly gone from here for years and guner is still taking a beating on a regular base... Some things never cease to be funny... :)
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    Fire Suppression - Good or Bad?

    A few here have known me for years... I've been fighting fires since early 2000 on the ground as a foot soldier... I don't feel a lot of remorse for burned structures or devastated property... I blame all these big fires directly on the environmentalists who think nature is like a big picture...
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    How do you find a place to hunt?

    I prefer to head out by myself... Never use others info, many spent years finding these spots... I've recognized a few places where others had shot game in MT, would never enter my mind to horn in... I like to go cross country until I find something to hunt... Even when I do hunt with others, I...
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    Look out!

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    Photo Op

    Nice... A real man and a stuffed empty chair... Perfect
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    New Item

    I've got a new item that will be hitting the store shelves near you... At the moment, I'm only going to tell you all its some thing that fills a niche and should be very popular... I'll let on at the end of the year what it is just to see how many might have seen it by then or have one in their...
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    I wonder how many of you guys who like to play investment games bought gold when I told you to when it was still at around $1000... Theres still a chance to make a killing, if all goes as it did in the 70's when gas tripled, we should see gold go higher than it is now and all those poor saps...
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    April Fools...

    He's getting old Ken... At his age one tends to forget ... "things"... :)
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    Read the comments

    Read the comments below the article... Should bring a smile to even the most uptight here... ;)
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    Been awhile...

    Funny on both
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    Been awhile...

    @ CJ... It was a little closer to 300, no little 100 milers... I've seen girls do that... :D @ Moosie... Cool... @ Elk Hunter... Thanks... @ Ken... LOL... @ Greenhorn... far beyond that now in more ways than just survival... It isn't survival any more when your as comfortable in a blizzard...
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    Been awhile...

    Thanks Oscar... I've got some pics of some very monster ditches I helped with... Been designing a cave house for new property we are looking for... Biggest thing is a new survival shelter which will hopefully be on the market in not long, it may even end up in a store near you... You have any...
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    Been awhile...

    Thanks, you to... :)
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