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  1. conibear

    Beyond a dream, what's your ultimate hunt?

    Chupacabra, during the rut. The $100k would be dedicated to animatronic taxidermy.
  2. conibear

    CO unit 44 Otc 2nd or 3rd rifle

    Use of the word 'the' prefacing Costco makes all the difference here. Akin to 'Walmart' versus 'the Walmart.'
  3. conibear

    Wyoming non-res license fees on the rise

    Tag prices are no problem, go be poor someplace else. Now if you'll excuse me I need to wash some late season cow elk blood off my Patek Philipe Nautilus.
  4. conibear

    CO unit 44 Otc 2nd or 3rd rifle

    Pro Tip Tell everybody you're a disabled combat veteran (I recommend a side-gunner of some sort), you love America, and you have a bad back from rescuing some children from a burning building before asking for honey holes. We're here to help, keep hammering (the keyboard).
  5. conibear

    Winchester M70 long action blank canvas... ideas on what to build.

    what wood is the forearm endcap made of? is it spalted? classic caliber - hell yes - hooded front sight - a rifle of men
  6. conibear

    1987 Ruger M77 .30-06

    36 year old rifle.
  7. conibear

    1987 Ruger M77 .30-06

    butchering over - the bullet traversed the lungs and shattered the 'humerus' just at the thick joint head, so I'm not sure where the bullet ended up, in my race against sunset and frigid temps maybe I overlooked an exit hole in the off-side hide? it's always a fire drill when you're alone 4...
  8. conibear

    Things to think about when you buy a reduced price cow tag.

    Correct, we don't care. It's nothing personal, merely the effects of every content-creator in the US pimping and pumping Wyoming into Treasure Island destination fun for elk.
  9. conibear

    1987 Ruger M77 .30-06

    I'd guess 180-ish? Shot in bed, jumped up ran about 40 yards and went to the snow like Zeuss hit her with a lightning bolt. Timney trigger really pumped new life in this rifle.
  10. conibear

    1987 Ruger M77 .30-06

    1987 Ruger M77 - done. Barnes 168 GR TTSX, about a 3" entry in rib, not sure about exit, dead within 5 seconds of shot.
  11. conibear

    Alberta Cougar Adventure

    Leo Dollins got a similar tom w/no ears, was in his book congrats on a great cat
  12. conibear

    NE Oregon elk--Was it worth 21 points?

    Three items. A: Congrats on a trophy! B: Hunting in a flannel shirt makes you a hero, how refreshing to see a hunter dressed like a normal person. C: I'll be in that unit in three years (per Ron), excellent post and thank you for sharing.
  13. conibear

    2024 Rifle Wyoming Resident Companion/Drop Camp Unit 60?

    "...wants the biggest challenge he can find going after a monster bull." How about that Norris Road hunt in Montana?
  14. conibear

    2024 Rifle Wyoming Resident Companion/Drop Camp Unit 60?

    You want one of us (307 resident) to guide you and bring our livestock and pack for you, free of charge, on a Thorofare hunt. Okay that's enough internet for today, I'll see myself out...
  15. conibear

    Mule deer in heavy timber

    MTTW and all of us assembled here are willing to help you. Kindly drop a pin on Google Earth and I'm confident we can put our minds together and construct a great plan for 2024.
  16. conibear

    MT District 302 lost Archery Elk found - Medicine Lodge

    that bull was experiencing excruciating pain - good job ending his misery
  17. conibear

    Taxidermist's Nightmare

    We're gonna need more foam.....
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