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  1. Big Slick

    What Caliber

    My 30-06 Remington 700 has some putting the barrel. My man Van is making it a 6.5-284. Anyone shooting this caliber? How do you like it? Andy
  2. Big Slick

    1949 manufactured Winchester Model 94 32 Winchester Special

    Can I come and see it?
  3. Big Slick

    The Big Snip - How bad is it?

    Every nurse in the building will be by to see what shrinkage really looks like…..
  4. Big Slick

    The Big Snip - How bad is it?

    I was umpiring a softball tournament the day after my procedure, no pun intended.
  5. Big Slick

    Striper guide lower colorado

    MILF, Striper…..what’s next? Another Russian hacker!!?
  6. Big Slick

    Leupold Warranty

    We all love @schmalts, but when you get a couple of grand in gift cards from work….you get free gear.
  7. Big Slick

    Leupold Warranty

    Thanks for the clarification, @Big Fin
  8. Big Slick

    Leupold Warranty

    I purchased a Leupold scope yesterday at Cabela’s, the nice young gentleman ask me if I would like the two year warranty that goes with it if I chose to do so. I let him know that they have a lifetime warranty from Leupold. At the end of the day this young man was reading what had popped up on...
  9. Big Slick

    Christensen Arms, what's the verdict?

    I have a friend that bought a Ridgeline in 300 WM. He would shoot three shot groups and the third casing was a bear to eject. It finally got to where a spent cartridge got stuck in the chamber. He finally got the case ejected and traded it right away.
  10. Big Slick

    Classic western Lever gun?

    I hope you find one. Look at the Winchester model 64….. I’m looking for a donor Savage model 99 @p_ham to make into a Savage HT 7-08.
  11. Big Slick

    Lever em up

    26” or 20” bbl? I have the 26” variety, it’s never been fired. Cool guns, they made a lot of them. For $100, I’d pay that no problem.
  12. Big Slick

    Worst Hotel you’ve ever stayed at ..

    The Alaskan Hotel & Bar is quite the dive. We went into our room, there were dirty dishes and the bed hadn’t been washed. The shower and bathroom is a multi use facility. Reminded me of the WWII barracks in Fort Leonard Wood.
  13. Big Slick

    Worst Hotel you’ve ever stayed at ..

    The Teapot Motor Inn in Edgerton Wyoming was, well…..not great. Sleeping on the floor would have been a better option than the bed. It is no longer open.
  14. Big Slick

    Friday tunage: storm's a'comin'

    For all the new Montanan’s….
  15. Big Slick

    My once in a lifetime

    Cool ram! Sounds like quite the adventure even without a ram tag. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Big Slick

    College Football 🏈 Season is Here !!

    Two words: GO BLUE!!

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