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    300 Weatherby ammo/brass lot

    Clearing out the last of my 300 Weatherby stuff. 80 rounds of Prograde, 168 TTSX in Remington brass. 38 pieces of Remington once fired brass, decapped cleaned and annealed (on my AMP). 40 pieces of new Weatherby brass. $200 shipped in the 48.
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    Friday Tunes Songs About Other Singers

    How about a song by the Clash mostly about Jimmy Cliff (or at least a character he created), then later covered by Jimmy Cliff? I was just contemplating the other day if anyone other than Jimmy Cliff had ever covered a song about themselves.
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    My oldest son hit double digits

    Thats a great show for the boy's first, PW and DKM are both more youth oriented than they used to be. If you watch the documentary "The Other F Word" you can really see that parenthood changed Jim quite a bit. I was just reliving an epic Pennywise show in my head earlier as I drove by the...
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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    Sadly, yes this was in North Carson.
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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    I had to retake this shot, I failed to capture the blue balz truck nutz the first time around. The sushi sticker really pulls it all together.
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    Another Dumb Video

    I was expecting it to be some wild in flux situation from the description. Nope, calm, feeding bison, and he lines up two and plows an arrow through them.
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    Hunting in Harmony?

    I doubt there is all that much opportunity there in Harmony proper, make sure you’re lead free if you go though.
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    New 30-06 barrel???

    I had a Remington 700 in -06 that was the same, under no circumstances would it shoot under 1.75". I spent way too much time trying to get it there, but in the end I sold it to a buddy to use as a donor action for a build and I bought a Tikka to replace it. But, I have had other Remingtons...
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    Great social media posts..

    It is a lot of gun for the money, that chassis is $1,500 all alone. Would I pay that for a Savage? Absolutely not, but that chassis is probably the nicest out there for its niche. Buy any action that fits in the HNT26, add a Proof, muzzle brake, 20 MOA rail, and you're there price wise.
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    Component Availability

    Republic has CCI LRM 250s in stock: And Remington 9 1/2 LRMs popped up at Midway today:
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    Blued Python

    I haven't seen the blue ones yet, I did see one of the special nitrided ones, and I almost regretted buying the 'blemished' stainless one I bought last year. But, I really like the thing, and the price was right. I think the new Pythons are a great buy a little under their current price or...
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    Great social media posts..

    Maybe try hind? It’s popular in literature, and if she doesn’t like it you can switch over to saying you actually meant she’s like the helicopter gunship.
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    Big news in Nevada.

    My buddy Joel called this when we were hanging out at Sheep Show.
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    WTB: .257 Roberts and .338-06 Brass

    Do you want 338-06 marked brass or converted -06?
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    WTB your reloading extras

    The extra I have is Remington, I’d have to check on amount.
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    WTB your reloading extras

    I think you're referring to 300wby mag, if so I think I have some extra brass.
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    Howa Mini chassis 6mm ARC - SOLD

    I stuck it on the scale to check, 7.7lbs as pictured. Could be easily lighter without the folder and/or with a different stock.
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    Howa Mini chassis 6mm ARC - SOLD

    Well, if it helps at all. I personally delivered and picked up this rifle from @p_ham at his Fortress of Solitude so he could do the threading work
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    Howa Mini chassis 6mm ARC - SOLD

    SOLD This is a Howa Mini action in their chassis with side folder. This started out with the American flag paint, but after I changed out the stock, I had it Cerakoted black. There are numerous upgrades: Cut to 16", threaded 1/2-28 with Sig/Q 25* taper Q Cherry Bomb (thread protector not...
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    Great social media posts..

    Is Cam coming out of the crossbow closet with this one?

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