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  1. jt13

    AZ portals updated!

    I was just going off what it shows in my portal which doesnt show the loyalty point yet. Also did the online course, likely too close to the draw to get counted for this year.
  2. jt13

    AZ portals updated!

    Negative. I'm waiting to see my regular point, my new hunter ed point, and my new loyalty point. Jumping from 4 to 7 for next year.
  3. jt13

    Hawaii- the Big Island to do’s?

    Probably nothing you haven't already seen or read: Green sand beach Black sand beach Coffee farms Macadamia nut farms Chocolate farms Drive/hike to the top of mauna loa Helicopter over the active volcano Hike the national park Hunt turkey/goats/pigs as mentioned above Fly to molokai and hunt...
  4. jt13

    NM Barbary Hunt

    Geez man, glad everyone was okay! Thats a tough one, but congrats on the sheep
  5. jt13

    NM Oryx 2023

    @Brentc when I finally manage to draw a tag, you'll be hearing from me. You give me serious Oryx envy
  6. jt13

    2024 AZ credit card hit

    Another year and those %0.01 draw odds still didn't pan out...
  7. jt13

    Waterfowl, let’s see them!

    It was a lean goose season for me this year, but I had a good day today to end the season.
  8. jt13

    Explain Wyoming prefrence points like I'm 5

    There's a guy who hangs out on this site quite a bit with more than one podcast and YouTube video on this topic
  9. jt13

    Wyoming Long Range Turkey with Centerfire Rifle?

    I shot one at 10 yards with a 270 and the wife killed one at about 40 yards with a 223. The 270 actually made less of a mess than the 223, but would not recommend either, turkeys ain't meant to be shot with rifles bigger than a .22 mag. Edit: And what everyone else said too: It's no fun and...
  10. jt13

    German Shorthair vs Irish "Red" Setter

    Burkhart out of upstate NY
  11. jt13

    Another hunting personality charged.

    The fellas from Meateater's The Element just got some tickets from their Texas public land nilgai hunt for not wearing orange when moving and not getting public land film permits. They put a half assed apology on their last podcast and edited the youtube video.
  12. jt13


    I hope you're the best trainer in the world if you think you'll be able to check all those boxes with one animal, regardless of the breed. There's versatility and then there's futility, scratching my head at the choice for a pointing breed for predominately non-pointing requisite work. I think a...
  13. jt13

    Are hunter numbers down?

    It makes sense in my head when looking at it this way: Stagnant or decreasing license sales with an increasing population means that hunters are a decreasing percentage of the population. As the wildlife and public lands are managed by the states and federal government, there is a drive to keep...
  14. jt13

    First antelope hunt?

    I'm far from an expert in the field, i just spend too much time looking at hunting pages on the internet. There's some household names selling landowner tags/services like Huntin Fool. They may be a good place to start if you don't have much of a plan put together yet.
  15. jt13

    First antelope hunt?

    Prices are all over the board, but from what I remember seeing on various FB groups recently I'd expect to pay $1500-$2500 for an average quality landowner voucher with nothing else included. Guided hunts with landowner voucher included are another couple thousand on top of that, $4500-$5500.
  16. jt13


    Lets see... We took our daughter on a weekend of New York ruffed grouse hunting at 6 weeks old, numerous PA pheasant hunts between 3-5 months old, bass/pike fishing in Canada at 9 months old, an elk hunt in New Mexico at 13 months old, some more PA pheasant hunts at 14-15 months old, and at 16...
  17. jt13

    .22 silencer

    I have a Silencerco Sparrow. No complaints. No input on Otter Creek
  18. jt13

    2024 Wyoming Pronghorn Special Draw fee effects

    I'm points only this year but when the time comes, if a few hundred dollars extra is what may make the difference between hunting and not hunting I'll be paying it.
  19. jt13

    Student Loan Rifle

    Some solid picks there

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