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  1. rmyoung1

    Kansas elk 2023

    @kansasdad … saw this today and thought of you
  2. rmyoung1

    Who bought this?

    I dunno, man. You know he named his ram “Sexual Chocolate” right?
  3. rmyoung1

    Who bought this?

    I'm glad those Navy SEALs are teaching "fieldcraft." I'm gonna need it for my stay at that Atlantis Lodge.
  4. rmyoung1

    Beyond a dream, what's your ultimate hunt?

    You know, I think about this often. For years I would’ve said either a multi-specie Alaska (must include Dall) hunt or multi-specie combo in BC (to include Stone sheep) would be my ultimate. Either would still be just fine with me if someone handed me the voucher. But… my focus, lately, has...
  5. rmyoung1

    Be honest about your Wyoming elk app!

    Special with 11 points.
  6. rmyoung1

    Youth applications

    If I’m taking my boys, I just focus on their tags and do not try to party app and get a tag for myself. There are so many good youth opportunities out there that your biggest limiting factor will be their time. Between half-price guaranteed combo licenses in MT, discount tags in WY, discount and...
  7. rmyoung1

    Beginner-Mountain Goat Hunting

    Canadian hunts seem to start around $15,000 these days. Alaska has some for a little less, $12,000 or so.
  8. rmyoung1

    2024 dreams and plans

    I’m going to test the theory that unguided nonresident elk hunters in WY will be reluctant to apply in the special. I suspect I will be disappointed, but I’m gonna give it a whirl. I’m also sitting on max WY deer points for some reason. Those will be put at risk in the special, as well...
  9. rmyoung1

    Idaho Super Hunt Combo 2023

    Congratulations! What a year
  10. rmyoung1

    Late Season Private Land Trophy Deer Hunt

    Nice work, @Dsnow9 Time out and about with the young ones is a real gift.
  11. rmyoung1

    Montana NR Big game combo draw odds

    The entire system needs a bullet in the brain. And then another for good measure
  12. rmyoung1

    Worst Hotel you’ve ever stayed at ..

    It’s the drunk dude writing his own fake reviews when he sobers up a little. Has to be.
  13. rmyoung1

    Butt ugly with an identity crisis

    Maybe I’m just getting old. Terry Wieland wrote, “Great hunting rifles are individuals. Some, I am convinced, have souls.” This is how I imagine the spirit of the Levtac…
  14. rmyoung1

    Butt ugly with an identity crisis

    What is this and who is the target buyer?
  15. rmyoung1

    Worst Hotel you’ve ever stayed at ..

    The non-potable water was a bonus. At least we were warned beforehand.
  16. rmyoung1

    How cold at your place?

    That’s about right. 🤣🤣🤣 The only way to get San Antonio outta the house in below-freezing temps.
  17. rmyoung1

    Worst Hotel you’ve ever stayed at ..

    Green Mountain Motel in Jeffrey City, WY. The dude running the “office” was perpetually drunk and repeated the same line to us each time we bumped into him. The room was disgusting. Camping in the parking lot under a tarp would’ve been a thousand times more sanitary. Never again.
  18. rmyoung1

    Moving to Reserve NM, any advice?

    My advice: Pie-O-Neer as often as budget allows
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