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    2017 WY Pronghorn Trip

    The third year of applying for a tag in WY, I was on the successful side of the applicants. Point creep had decimated odds the previous two years on what I thought would be easy to draw Pronghorn tags. The fact that I promised my wife we would go hunting in WY for the past two seasons, she was...
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    2017 MT Whitetail

    2017 was an incredible year of hunting for me, I was able to draw a couple tags in MT & WY, hunting with family and friends on each trip. I was really excited for my deer hunt in Montana, because I would get to hunt with my brother, ID_deerslayer. He moved to MT a few years ago and has been...
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    Memorial Day Savings on Ebay

    Use this code: p20memday Save 20% off sports and outdoor listed items. I used it for a great deal on gear I have been saving for.
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    Idaho Deer Tags

    For any of you Idaho residents, they reduced the price on a non-resident elk tag down to $300 this month. How many guys on this site are going to take advantage of this? Second, they didn't reduce the price on deer tags yet. I think they will, either in Sept. or Oct. They haven't even sold...
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    Upgrading a Model 70 EW

    I just picked one up in .300 wsm for a really good deal. I fell in love with the HS Precision Sporter stock when I held one. Just wanting to see if anyone knows where the best place to buy them online is? I also plan on replacing the trigger with a Timney. Anything else I should look into? Plan...
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    Idaho Elk CH

    I wanted to see if anyone on Hunttalk has drawn a bull tag before in unit 36a-1? I've had a cow tag for the area, but it was an leftover tag back in 2008. Those dates were in Nov. Having that tag proved why it was a leftover back then, elk numbers were way down. Seeing how I drew the bull tag...
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    AK DIY Fishing

    I want to go to AK and get in a day or two of fishing. I am thinking of flying into Ketchikan or Sitka next Monday and leaving on Wednesday to come back. I have the following questions for those that live in AK or have fished either of these places. 1.) Is it better to bring a fly rod and fish...
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    Daughters First Buck

    My daughter Madison got her first buck last weekend. She and another friends son drew a good deer tag. Madison and 5 of us adults also had extra doe tags in hand. The first day Madison missed a nice 4pt buck, but decided too fill her doe tag about 4 hours later. Unfortunately the deer decided...
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    2015 Idaho Buck

    Finally getting a success story on HT! I still need to do a better job of taking pics of the phases of how my hunts unfold. Onto the story: I decided 3 years ago to make a commitment to not shoot the first legal deer I had a shot at. This opened up a lot of experience and I learned a bunch...
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    Idaho Big Game Proposals The proposals are out for public comment. Of the 3 regions I hunt, I like the proposals. It will be interesting to see how many proposals come to the printer. I hope to see the ebb and flow of the regulations, as goes the population...
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    Practice Shooting

    What does everyone do for practice for the upcoming season? I like shooting the .22 for trigger control and focus, then getting out and shooting my rifle usually out to 300 yards or so, depending on location. I like having my family practicing offhand shots at 100yds on a milk jug filled with...
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    "Blood In The Tracks- A Mule Deer Manifesto"

    Great book on mule deer! Enjoyed reading this book and picked up on a couple things I need to practice in the field. Gonna pack it while on mule deer hunts.
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    Vortex Viper HD 10x42 Binos

    Less than a year old. Have kept them in a badlands case since hunting season. Great glass, seeing how I upgraded from the Diamondback series. They are in really good condition. I am only selling because I want to move up to some 12x50's and possibly jump into the Razors. Paid $630 brand new last...
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    Idaho Resident Deer/Elk

    I'm wondering if other Idaho residents notice when they draw a controlled hunt for deer or elk. I have noticed that if I put in for a controlled hunt and get drawn, it is because I am on an application with 1-3 other people. However, I have not drawn a tag if I put in solo. How many other...
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    Coyote Hunting = Sheds

    Well, I actually went out coyote hunting and happened to stumble into these sheds. The 3 pt is the freshest I have ever found. I am guessing it was dropped sometime between Wed-Sat. The other two were in an area I haven't found sheds before.
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    How do you pick what size of a mule deer to shoot?

    I am not a trophy hunter by any means. In fact I have not even shot a mature deer yet. I have some questions for those who research new areas or pick areas to hunt that are buck hunts only. If the area doesn't produce big deer often, older than 4-5 years old, how do you go about picking the...
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    Oregon Elk Hunting

    Anyone have good experiences archery hunting elk in Oregon. I am going to get an archery elk tag for Oregon this year. I am looking for advice on whether its better to hunt N.E. or Eastern Oregon, or coastal elk? Hoping to hear some stories or advice on which side of the state would provide...
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    1st Year Finding Elk Sheds!

    I have always had the elusive monkey on my back of not finding elk sheds. Well either it took me breaking into archery elk hunting or luck just happened upon me this year. The weird thing about finding them, was I didn't find any until the rifle opener for deer started on October 10th. I find it...
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    Idaho Youth Hunt Advice

    My daughter drew a youth cow tag this year in Unit 44. It covers 3 different units and seems to have a bunch of Access Yes Properties to choose from. My questions relate to the Access Yes, but will take any and all advice. Do the Access Yes properties in 44 hold a lot of elk before and after it...
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    Glass for new 257 Weatherby?

    I am looking for a scope for my new gun. I will primarily use it for mule deer and pronghorn. Now possibly will be using it for elk, if I ever decide to put the bow down. :D I have a dilemma between the Luepold VX-2 or VX-3. If I go VX-2 I will probably go CDS. Anyone know why the price jump is...