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    Antelope shed hunting

    Dangit all, pretty soon here there'll be a season for them...
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    Headed for WY - SNOW!

    And for crying out load bring a decent shovel. I bailed some people out one time that spent the night in the bar ditch with a broken plastic shovel. Prepare for worst case scenario if you can...
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    Broadhead for elk, deer and pronghorn

    I like muzzy 100s, 4 blade. They have just worked for me, no reason to switch.
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    Love the Tikka T3X, but not a fan at all of the safety mechanism

    Tikka are great rifles. But, the safety is one thing I would change, especially for youth. The safety is too easy to bump off.
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    Field care of Antelope

    Quarter on site and put in game bags. Keep a cooler with ice in your truck. Get the meat in there asap and keep it from getting wet. Cook it like you would deer or elk meat and you're in good shape, unless you don't cook either one of those much, then you maybe needin some advice on that ...
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    How’s this for a CO Shiras.... is he a record

    If I have a CO moose tag, I'm passing that bull...
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    How many rounds for a season?

    I'm in the same boat as buzz. I usually carry 15 and have around 10 tags. I'll have a box of 20 in reserve but never need it.
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    3 days of archery and no dice

    Try identify a water source antelope are using. If they are using it and habituated to it they are more likely to come in. Also, if you can, try to conceal your blind with grass, brush, etc... the more you can make it blend in, the better. It is tough if the animals have choices and can move on...
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    First time loading Nosler Partitions

    I've found partitions to be very accurate in some rifles and not in others with various load combos. You might try some accubonds.
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    Eastern WY Muley Decline?

    The Pole Mtn area is a perfect example of an area with too many tags. The problem there is that it's such a small area (most who draw will be relegated to the NF) with 150 any deer tags, and too much activity in general. I understand the G&F needs to work with public demand, but that's not a...
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    Eastern WY Muley Decline?

    I would cite weather factors of the last 20 years (mainly drought), increased predation, increasing elk populations, development, too many tags.
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    Bowtech Carbon Icon?

    I have shot one for a few years. I like it. It's a dream to carry. Great mountain hunting bow in my opinion.
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    Recommendations for .270 non-lead <130gr bullets?

    I'm not surprised to see your results with barnes.
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    Shooting Sticks or Bi-pod?

    In open country, nothing much beats a bipod. Sometimes you can't use it, but dang, when you can, it's the cat's pajamas. I carry a pair of shooting sticks in the truck and use them from time to time in areas that don't allow for a prone shot, but they aren't as steady as the bipod.
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    Day at the Range

    Your primer in the above pick looks slightly flattened and obviously you still have pressure issues. It's hard to say for sure what exactly is going on without knowing every step in your process. From the outside looking in it seems this combo you are working with just isn't working. Perhaps try...
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    Day at the Range

    Good question.
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    Question about an error I made.

    If they really are dumb I'd say "they're" darn lucky just to have made it that far.... There's enough advice on here for the OP to make up his mind. Good luck!
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    Question about an error I made.

    Two kinds of people still walking the Earth: smart and lucky. Which would you rather be?
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    Question about an error I made.

    Yup, pull em.
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    Day at the Range

    Here is another easy test. Load 44gr and seat your bullets to book OAL of 2.735”. Let’s see what happens then This is what you should do.