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  1. dannyb278

    Wyoming Point Averaging

    great question. thanks.
  2. dannyb278

    Wyoming Point Averaging

    As a heart attack is to a Boomer. Wasn't quite sure if there was some squirrely Wyoming Game and Fish math involved with having multiple 3 point applicants. I know your new around here, but you might also be new to how easy it is for states to throw a curveball into how points are calculated...
  3. dannyb278

    Wyoming Point Averaging

    Hoping you guys can double check my math. Previously when I've applied as part of a Party in Wyoming, there have been only 2 of us, and its been easy to figure out how many points we have has a group. This year we have 4 applicants, two of wich have the same number of points, and i'm a little...
  4. dannyb278

    Wyoming elk hunt recap

    Congrats! I'm heading to the south eastern Big Horns next week for a rifle elk hunt. This gives me hope.
  5. dannyb278

    Wyoming general tag or something else.

    Yikes. Does it really take 5 points to get a general tag in Wyoming these days? You'd think you could get into a limited draw unit with 5. I did with 6, though i went through the Special Draw instead of the regular draw. That might be worth it if you are willing to spend the extra money.
  6. dannyb278

    Got my first Wyoming elk tag. Unit 35. Now What?

    After years of applying, I finally drew my first elk tag, for Unit 35 in Wyoming. If anyone has unit specific information to share, I'd take it. I typically don't ask for peoples opinions, because the next guy in the thread will just give a different one, but I do have one question. As I...
  7. dannyb278

    Rochester MN

    I've lived in 3 of MN's college towns outside of the Twin Cities; Mankato, St. Cloud and Rochester. Rochester is probably the nicest, though I prefer Mankato. The identity of the city is built around Mayo Hospital, and it definitely has the most influence in the culture. Some good fishing...
  8. dannyb278

    Deer rifles for young hunters

  9. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    I feel like you guys are focusing on what was just a example, rather than the crux of my argument but honestly would not be upset if this conversation degenerated into a "my truck is better than yours" argument. In truth, I'd love a proper 90s vintage Hilux.
  10. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    Ya, i should have went with Ford. I'm sure more than a few of these boys have one sitting in their yard somewhere.
  11. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    This right here. I work at the MN capital in "violent" St. Paul and never even considered getting a concealed carry permit until I saw white dudes parading around with AR's strapped to their backs during anti-mask protests. I've never been tempted to draw, but I cant say I haven't thought about...
  12. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    It's telling when people get all high and mighty about rappers singing about shooting people, or even (gasp!) cops, but will no doubt all sing along to Jonny Cash saying how he "shot a man in Reno just to watch him die" or how he "took a shot of cocaine and shot my women down." Bens SNL Drunk...
  13. dannyb278

    Cam Hanes (And Remi Warren) and UA Split

    I met him at a BHA wild game cook-off my wife and I competed in. Remi, Randy, Steve Rinella, and Tony Licata, then still at Field and Stream were the judges. My wife absolutely adored Randy and Remi after talking to them before and during the cook-off. It should also be said that Tony was a...
  14. dannyb278

    Cam Hanes (And Remi Warren) and UA Split

    Just saw on FB. Remi Warren drafted by First Lite. I knew Rinella would get him eventually
  15. dannyb278

    Cam Hanes (And Remi Warren) and UA Split

    Be curious as to who the could replace Remi with. Dude seems like one of the most skilled and knowledgeable hunters on multiple continents, not only on the art of killing itself, but in the whole cultural and historic context of hunting in NA. Plus, from my limited interaction with him, just a...
  16. dannyb278

    Link for 2 articles that may help novice Wyoming pronghorn hunters.

    I used to do a bit of writing for various outdoor blogs, websites, etc. While the vast majority of stuff I wrote has rightly disappeared into the either, at least twice a year I get a IM asking about pronghorn hunting, from someone who found a article or two I put together for Sportsman Nation...
  17. dannyb278

    Fish, Fowl, Fur

    Fish: panfish with my kids Bird: wild turkey Ungulate: Pronghorn Non-ungulate: squirrel. (or cottontail during those once in 7 years or so population explosions.)
  18. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    I may be totally off base here, but is open carry really a constitutional right afforded to every American? In my home state at least, you need to have a conceiled carry permit before you can open carry. Seems more like a state or municipality issue not specifically protected by the 2nd...
  19. dannyb278

    Ryan Busse. Anyone?

    Honest question. Why would a civilian and their friends carry AR style rifles at a otherwise peaceful protest for any reason other than intimidation? They are not law enforcement nor military, no matter how much their Walmart tactical gear makes them feel like it. Would it be better for us gun...