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    How many guns is too many? What is considered an "armory"?

    Well I'm not gonna add anything important. I've got 7 rifles, 6 shotguns and about 7 handguns. Don't shoot my handguns that much so could make do easily with just one handgun! For rifles, my most used for hunting is a toss up right now between my 6.5x55 and my 260 Rem. Actually can hunt anything...
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    First time refinishing a gun stock

    Last stock I did was a 700 BDL and I tried a new way to remove the old finish. Finish remover. Read about it and sounded reasonable. No scraping or sanding to remove old finish. But on that 700 the finish really fought being removed although it finally did come all off. Another thing I did on it...
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    338-06 bullet for deer??

    So what is the reason for going from a 30-06 to a 338-06? I think the 30-06 with a 200gr bullet and less will make a deer very dead, obviously the 338-06 will do the same. What the 338 has that the 30cal doesn't is heavier bullets! I'd though about a 338-06 at one time and was thinking an elk...
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    Oregon gets something correct

    You can bet he will! This is Oregon, not America!
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    Trophy room build

    Where is all the light coming from?
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    Trophy room build

    That is really nice but I have a strong suggestion. Ge a set of light weight curtains to block the sun. The sun destroys things given enough time, Lots of bright shadows coming off those mounts!
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    What are you currently reading?

    What am I currently reading? Hunttalk forum!
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    Scope decision

    About that Leupold warrantee. While living in Alaska I met a guy using a Leupold he got for free from Leupold. Claimed he found one in a river up there and fished it out, trash. But he sent it to Leupold and they sent him a brand new scope for it! He wasn't drinking at the time so could be true!
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    6.5 CM Question

    I think it was John Jobson that said, "to much cartridge is when the earth is blackened for 20 mi around".
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    "Unleashing" grizzly bears in Washington

    Historical range. There is a reason they are gone!
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    Make Bison Hunting Great Again

    Great write up and photo's. Always wanted to get a Bison but something I could never afford to do right. Only hunt's I ever saw were go shoot one in a corral! At my age that hunt would not be possible but great reading about it. Thing looked huge lying there on the ground. I though, damn, I'd...
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    Should I buy a .338?

    Probably anlot of truth to that. I shot that old 338 a lot just to get used to the recoil. Got to where I could use it shooting sage rats, couid even fire off 20 rds fromthe bench, no problem. But go a couple months without fireing it and had to start over. Those two 338's and the 7mag too cured...
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    Should I buy a .338?

    I was just thinking about the first 338 I got. Came back from Germany in 1970 and was stationed in Lakeside, Montana. Had a 7mm mag I'd got in the rod and gun club in Germany that shot really well. But took it out wandering in the tules in Montana and got to thinking about grizzly bear, idea hit...
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    6.5 Remington Mag

    Talking about the 600 Rem, I had one in 308 Win I hunted with for a lot of years, mine was a 660. Probably my most favorite hunting rifle ever and not sure I know why. Groups stayed between 3/4' and 1" at 100yds, had a number of better shooting rifles over the years! Stock was a pretty ugly...
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    Need tripod to hold rifle for my son

    Let's see, the kid is around 4' tall and probably very young. Might be best if he sat out this year and hunted rabbits with a 22 handgun! Seems everyone is in a hurry to get their kids out and hunting. That kid could tag along with you and another year heal and not have a problem shooting. Bet...
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    Should I buy a .338?

    There's a simple truth, the 338 with any bullet will not kill say elk any deader than my 6.5x55! It certainly may allow you to take different shots though. It will also give a lot more recoil. Have had two 338's and a 7mm Rem Mag and will never shoot a magnum again. On elk my last three years...
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    Maven optics

    HUH! Didn't know that. That would keep me from getting one unless they were really inexpensive. I've got a Kastking level wind I bought for two reasons. first some guy was really trashing it on a fishing forum and I just couldn't believe anything could be that bad. So, looked them up and a new...
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    Maven optics

    What ever other's may think is not really that important. You may get a bunch of people praising them and one guy that didn't like them. You don't know any of them and possible that one is like you and the other's aren't. Go to stores that sell optics and try them yourself to see what you think...
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    Nothing but opinionated BS

    Biggest mistake people driving cross country is taking the interstate whenever they can! I spent over 30 yrs out there driving OTR trucks and I guarantee you there's a place in just about every state where I could live. That even goes for Mass and that is the east coast version of California!
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    Charter boat tipping guidelines?

    Ya know if owner's really believe the guide's need a tip, they should build it in the price! Tipping someone to do the job they are paid to do as best they can is BS! This tipping business on fishing and hunting trips, in fact aanywhere is nothing more than the owner telling the guide if he want...
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