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    Poor folks supper

    Ham and beans with cornbread was served at our house on a regular basis. Sometimes the ham only consisted of the bone. I still make it myself about once per month.
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    Doe gone !!!!

    The king! Loving your posts ajadog.
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    Doe gone !!!!

    How close do they have to be with that setup? Is it a red light? Most of the guys around me have went to thermal but before that they spotlighted them with red lights. I normally call at dusk and dawn but considering a thermal scope.
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    Doe gone !!!!

    What's the deal with the flashlight mounted to the barrel of the rifle on the mower?
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    Dad passed but his stuff is still here

    My mom put all assets into an irrevocable trust. Couldn't have went smoother. I'm working with an attorney now to do the same thing.
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    Ohio Buck

    I shot a doe yesterday the first time with the 350 legend shooting barnes tsx. Quite happy with the terminal performance. Congrats on the great buck.
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    Grandad's Model 12

    Great job. The model 12 was my dads favorite shotgun. He used it for everything from upland game to shooting slugs. Shot my first deer with one.
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    WY Price Hike Implications

    Wouldn't surprise me.
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    WY Price Hike Implications

    Agreed that $2000 is no where close to the point that tags would be left over after the draw. My guess they could sell every single LE elk tag at $5000. Guys willing to spend $100k on a truck would not blink an eye.
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    2023 IL Gun Deer Season

    Only an 8pt. Will be something else if he can make it until next year.
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    2023 IL Gun Deer Season

    Already shot the 2 buck quota and this dude shows up.
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    Biggest deer I've killed to date

    Takes one helluva whitetail to break 200 pounds. Even in the corn belt. Congrats!
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    Bend Over

    Me neither. Nor have I been to a masseuse.
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    WY Price Hike Implications

    Does the $2000 special elk tag come with the Vaseline?
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    Gauging interest- laser engraving

    Paul, I saw a Beretta 92fs in a earlier post but I dont see it as an option on your website. Is that something you can do?
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    How young is too young to hunt.

    And folks need to realize the 4 year old was likely chucking slugs in the 20-40 ft lb of recoil range. Maybe he was shooting a straight wall cartridge but that was just made legal for this year. I'd rather shoot my .338WM than my sisters youth 870 20ga slug gun.
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    Tikka rebate

    Thanks. didn't realize that not all tikka's were imported into the USA.
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    Tikka rebate

    Am I missing something? T3 lite in 1:8" which is SAAMI spec for the 6.5 PRC. Not a smartass question. You have forgotten more rifle info that I know total. Just wondering if you prefer a 1:7.5 twist or something else?
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    2023 IL Gun Deer Season

    I heard from my son in champaign and he said they had snow. Didn't stick to roads though. We only had rain but today is the first day this fall that it really felt cold.
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    2023 IL Gun Deer Season

    Weather forecast for second season is not looking to good.
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