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  1. Jwill

    75 percent reduction of wild horses

    I'm thankful this forum has an ignore button.
  2. Jwill

    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    Seen on the road yesterday.
  3. Jwill

    Field & Stream stores purchased by Sportsman’s Warehouse

    FYI the Field & Stream stores are not affiliated with the Field & Stream magazine...
  4. Jwill

    Bull of a lifetime, hunt of a lifetime

    Awesome! Looking forward to the full account.
  5. Jwill

    Tire Size

    Whatever size will accommodate chains.
  6. Jwill

    PA Elk Cam

    Pretty cool site, as close to elk hunting as I'll get this year, nice 6x6 on there currently chasing cows around.
  7. Jwill

    Best Archery Elk Gear - According To Pro Hunters

    *According to their sponsors.
  8. Jwill

    Latest thoughts on traveling with meat

    Get the meat frozen and you don't need dry ice for the trip home. Try to keep your coolers under 50 lbs total, will save you money going with more coolers, but increases difficulty getting through the airport. I like the idea of the yeti hoppers, as long as you can get 45 lbs of meat in one...
  9. Jwill

    Binos on a tripod... yet again

    I've been happy with the Leica bino tripod adapter, have tried the Outdoorsman's but don't have quite as much experience with it.
  10. Jwill

    VA. Elk and RMEF and others

    I'm with you. We have the Farm Bureau to thank for that.
  11. Jwill

    suggestion to have a good pair of Bino's

  12. Jwill

    ODFW ban on deer/elk urrine based scents

  13. Jwill

    Taking a cow elk on an either sex tag

    I have and probably will again. Any legal elk is a trophy in my book. I value the experience in elk country and putting elk meat on the table over a set of antlers. Might not be so eager on a harder draw tag, but probably would still do it if time was running short.
  14. Jwill

    Hello From Virginia

    Welcome! I'll soon be moving to Botetourt.
  15. Jwill

    Elk pref point strategy, CO & WY

    I’ll click over the big-40 next year and am thinking about burning a few points on an elk hunt. Currently sitting on 11 points in WY and 14 in CO. Also, have 9 in AZ, and 7 in UT & NV, but figure I will keep building in those states. Anyhow, I've hunted elk a few times and taken cows in CO...
  16. Jwill

    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    Sounds like it's time to renegotiate.
  17. Jwill

    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    A buddy of mine has hunted them in Puerto Rico with an air gun, said it was a ton of fun. Not sure they ate them though.
  18. Jwill

    Hiking Packs for Day Packs (Elk/Mule Deer)

    I've been using an Osprey Kestrel 38 for a few years. Very light, the belt is good enough to strap a Kifaru Gunbearer to, it has a built in hiking pole attachment, pretty good hydration bladder pouch, and it expands big enough ro haul out a first load of meat and gear. It doesn't do great with...
  19. Jwill

    I've about had enough

    Crazy someone would go to those lengths, but not surprising. Heard the OnX folks on a podcast the other day and it got me to thinking, I'm not much of a conspriacy theorist, but you have to think these same assholes FOIAing your ever move are trying to hack into OnX accounts. So, better make...
  20. Jwill

    Favorite boot dressing

    Better use the Lowa, silicone based stuff, if you want them to honor any warranty.