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    I put in for Beaver Draw, and i lucked out and drew a tag...I found a good looking tom last night, his beard was probably about 8.5 to 9"....
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    Nice looking 3x3.....

    I wish....LOL...No, he is down from the mountains in a small area we call the grove, where a ton of deer winter and spend a lot of time in, but he got within 10 to 20 feet of us.....But still a nice buck, now if i can only find his sheds...
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    Nice looking 3x3.....

    Went on the other day and found a nice buck that moved down low for the winter.... What do you guys think, i am keeping a close eye on him so i will find his sheds.
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    Utah Elk!

    Well, Since i drew last year i cant put in for utah elk, but my dad put in for Beaver mountain, same unit as i did, and he has 13 Bonus Points....My brother put in for archery beaver mountain elk, and he has a few bonus points....
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    Good mule deer buck (pics)

    High 180's, Low 190's, But that is only a guess
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    Found me a 4x4 Boxing day

    Good looking buck Congrats
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    huge buck from 04'

    Thanks for the link
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    Mtmiller ??

    Good looking bucks...congrats
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    Clients 05 Buck

    Hella GOOD BUCK...Congrats
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    Found me a 4pt Today (pics)

    Congrats...Great looking shed..
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    cool yote vid

    Sweet Video... Missed a dam Coyote earlier today, now i am going back out to get one
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    Ya i second that moosie...LoL
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    Ten Bears kills a 6x6

    He posted a picture on his forum under Elk Hunting look at it....Lataz
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    Internet "Dating"

    Thats some funny chit...
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    Blonde Joke

    Good One....;-)
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    My biggest elk

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    Misc birds from this weekend

    Nice pics...Looks like fun i will go out for the first time on Firday hope i get a ton....Thanks for the pics.
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    Some really cool pics from africa

    Sweet Pics....Thanks
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    2005 Montana Muley

    Good Picture of Cat Bowdark, like the smile...LoL
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    2005 Montana Muley

    Nice looking deer.....Good BUCK.