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    Yvon Chouinard on Meateater Podcast

    Great podcast with a real tough dude. I respect him, and agree about hating most of the technology used today and in the field. Turning rock climbing into a sport can say the same for hunting, and calling it an industry while promoting all these products takes the natural fun out of it some...
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    Hunting for a Giant Mountain Whitetail

    Nice work Randy that’s a lot of bucks to get within range.. I’m almost more excited about chasing these deer than I am my moose starting end of next week!
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    MT Results

    Beautiful bull congrats!!
  4. lastlight

    Alaska moose adventure

    Wow!!! Good work, great bull congrats
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    Northern ID Moose in the Nez Perce/Clearwater

    10-3 along the MT boarder
  6. lastlight

    Northern ID Moose in the Nez Perce/Clearwater

    I can’t say for sure but I I think in another week or so. I’ll be up there by the 5th of Oct.
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    Northern ID Moose in the Nez Perce/Clearwater

    Well guys its getting down to the wire for my upcoming moose hunt. I got my first CA deer tag filled and hoping to do my second next weekend in the Sierras then head out Oct 3rd for ID. I as ready as I will ever be mentally and physically for the ruggedness of the country in this unit. Some...
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    Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

    This thread reminds me of my younger early 20's self before my brain was fully developed and how closed minded I was. I was super tribal right wing and a climate change "denier" or whatever word is used there. After years of soaking in science and seeing things through my own eyes happening Ive...
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    Noses and jaws are not the head/brain. Thats like comparing a heart shot to a shoulder shot, again...accuracy. I see you use a 300 WM and a 200gr bullet. This is just my opinion based off baseball size exit wounds and amount of meat loss that I have personally seen with cannons, but its beyond...
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    Meh, weak argument. Not legal and besides we all know of many deer head shot with .22s and they dont wonder off, they drop dead.
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    It really is as simple as the concept Accuracy Kills.
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    California A zone - Anybody hunt it?

    Cant wait for Aug 10th, Ive been scouting my usual spots (public land) and the same old buck is still there from last year. Ive never had a target buck before, but since he eluded me last year numerous times and is still in the same drainage I am really determined to chase him again. Ive been...
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    Chris Brackett Sentenced Yesterday

    Haha I love that BS. So many criminals, murderers, rapists, etc. want to talk about god/Jesus after they have been caught. Like they just get an automatic forgiveness tour....please, that guy needs a wet slap in public.
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    This is what's wrong with hunting.

    I checked his IG (Richard Peeples) and either he is deleting comments there or people arent watching it all the way through. One comment "looks tasty" how ironic. I agree with everything here and this is def one of the top things that is wrong with hunting today. How can you possibly be proud to...
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    Future Of Old Logging Roads In National Forests, etc.

    Could not agree more. Personally, the amount of trails in wilderness areas upsets me for two reasons - Constant pressure on wildlife, and the lack of the ability to get away from people.
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    Old Member, New Name - and a Colorado Muley!

    Aw yes, the evolution of a hunter. Right on, sweet buck!!
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    My 1st Hunt So.Cal Deer/Bear

    Are you comfortable enough with your knowledge on how to break a deer down/bone out and pack it out? Those mountains in D14 have some surprisingly higher elevations. I would hunt high but thats just me. Find water and feed and glass until its pitch dark in the evenings and start before the...
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    Colorado Poacher, Lifetime Ban

    Woah he spent 27 months in federal prison in 2008, and yet still is conducting illegal activities around wildlife. Seems like hes not done and should be watched closely by locals.
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    Mule deer hunting Colorado

    In 444 the deer are up high, down low, behind trees, every other day except Sunday.
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    New toys!

    Just ordered mine to go in the Cimarron as well!