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  1. VikingsGuy

    Several prong horns and one mule deer

  2. VikingsGuy

    Wife’s montana antelope

    Very nice.
  3. VikingsGuy

    2019 Wyoming hunt. First antelope for me!

  4. VikingsGuy

    “Long range” non custom rifle advice

    You don’t need a magnum to kill and elk at 500y. Use a quality bullet out of a .280 Rem (I prefer copper TTSX) and you will have plenty of terminal performance. Heck a 7mm08 (among others) will do the job too. Both with a lot less noise, muzzle flash and recoil than a magnum.
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    “Long range” non custom rifle advice

    Hunter format Tikkas don’t come with threading for muzzle brakes and (in the opinion of many including some manufacturers) the end of the light sporter contour barrels are too thin to safely thread for .308 dia bores. This is not unique to Tikkas, many of the factory sporter barrels are too...
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    “Long range” non custom rifle advice

    Here are two threads that lay out common responses to the ever popular “which rifle/which cartridge” questions. With practice and a good tracking scope I don’t think your “up to 500-600y” goals changes much. Pick a rifle from near the top of the first list, and a cartridge from the second list...
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    First Pronghorn Hunt a Success!

    Nice pronghorn.
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    3rd FF HT league

    FF is weird that way. The guy who is leading my other league at 6-0 hasn’t scored over 105 points in a week yet, but hasn’t had an opponent go over 85.
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    First antelope

  10. VikingsGuy

    3rd FF HT league

    Can I book your surrender now? A Jones put up 45 last week - I am still not celebrating yet.
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    Rifle prep for monolithic bullets?

    I've done it both way and didn't see a difference in performance, but with barrel to barrel variability who knows. I would just do a good copper clean with Wipe Out to keep it simple and remove one more variable.
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    Surplus Tag MT Antelope Hunt

  13. VikingsGuy

    Chauffeurs, Money Men and poor excuses for guides.

    I love the pics with the kids taking the big game!
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    Oddly the 4 "pedals" are designed to shear off. My son took his WY pronghorn buck with a Hammer 7mm out of a 7mm08 last week and the bullet passed through but since it was a neck shot, we didn't have reason to look for petals during butchering.
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    The copper bullets stay in tact so significant reduction in tissue damage in my experience. Plus weigh retention allows a 140 grain bullet to be as effective as a 165 grain.
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    A kid's first pronghorn

  17. VikingsGuy

    Antelope success

    Well done.
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    WYO NON-Res 1pt

    Don’t wait, lots of chances to kill a public land buck in WY on 1 point or second choice draw while you build points. The WY F&G site has lots of unit data and I have found ONX and GoHunt apps helpful too.
  19. VikingsGuy

    Daughter's first WY Antelope Hunt

    Congrats! Nice write-up. Always great to see father/child hunting stories.
  20. VikingsGuy

    Antelope success

    Nice buck.