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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    My long time hunting buddy and his dad drew the Central Mountain, Manti LE elk hunt for this fall and are looking for a little guidance to help his 75 year old(?) dad at least get a shot at a decent bull. My buddy is a very experienced elk hunter, both archery and rifle, but being unfamiliar...
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    Where to apply 13 points to get aging dad a good bull in Utah

    My dad and I have been accumulating points for 13 years, and while we were holding out for a premium LE unit it has become apparent that we need to lower our expectations a bit in order to draw a tag while he is still able to get around and actually enjoy the experience. My dad is 71 and I am...
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    Mercy killing Utah drop tine buck

    My cousin was able to fill his daughters tag on the opening weekend of the Utah general season hunt, so he asked me if I would be willing to go along with him for the last weekend. My tag was filled with an early season hunt on a general unit, so I was feeling really weird sitting at home this...
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    Best buck in 13 years- Utah early season rifle deer general hunt, nephews 1st kill

    My nephew, a co-worker and myself all drew one of the new early season rifle deer hunting tags for a northern Utah unit this past spring. The unit we drew has a lot of private land and the public Forest Service land tends to look like a pumpkin patch during the hunts, so I decided to dig a...
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    Scouting a new area for deer - Success!!

    Over the years I had been hearing about state trust lands and BLM lands that checker-boarded a large section of private land, but this spring I finally decided to reach out to a couple of Utah DWR CO's to see if I could get the low-down on how to access them via public right of way. One of the...
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    First shed hunt of 2018 did not disappoint

    I finally got a chance to get out looking for some sheds over the weekend. Only had a couple hours before dark to look around, but the cabin fever has been killing me this winter and the weather was good so packed up the dog and headed up. Had to get about a mile up the hill before I found the...
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    Upgrading from my Leupold VX-2 to another Leupold with CDS and can't decide which one

    I have had a Leupold VX-2 on my Browning x-bolt 300 wsm since I bought it and have been very happy with it, but made the mistake of stopping by the Browning booth at the Hunt Expo in SLC a couple weeks ago and looked through the VX-6HD with firedot, CDS, and ZL2. I contacted Leupold about...
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    Chalk Creek Utah Antlerless Elk

    Finally filled my tag after the first weekend was 50 degrees on the mountain in late November with not an elk to be found on the CWMU. Glad I put in that one last afternoon hunt after we finally got a snow storm.
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    Trophy buck falls victim to barbed wire

    I spent the weekend doing security work up on the ranch and was shown this impressive dead head that was found a few weeks ago by another guard that had been tangled in an old barbed wire fence and met a terrible demise sometime during the previous winter/spring. I didn't have a tape to stretch...
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    New from the top of Utah.

    Greetings from Utah. You can call me Hart. A little bit about me...i love hunting and am excited for a muzzleloaded deer tag in a few weeks, a rifle any bull elk hunt a week afterward, and a cow elk hunt th Saturday after thanksgiving. I work for a major regional bank doing IT software quality...