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  1. VikingsGuy

    Wall of shame

    A list of hunting “personalities” who have been nailed for game violations. SPOILER ALERT - Randy is NOT present.
  2. VikingsGuy

    Douglas Public Shooting Range

    Is there a public range near Douglas WY for zeroing in? I can alway go off to some patch of BLM, but just easier if already set up. Thanks.
  3. VikingsGuy

    A brief pause for perspective

    I find it easy to get caught up in the daily bustle - fighting small battles, growing weary of the daily grind. And then from time to time I get a little wake up call - a reminder that I have it pretty damn good and have much to be thankful for - that I need to enjoy the day and set the small...
  4. VikingsGuy

    A new twist in the CWD saga

    A recent (not yet peer reviewed) paper linked below suggests transmission to a monkey from asymptomatic but CWS-infected deer muscle tissue equivalent to one 7 oz steak per month. If this were to be confirmed over several peer reviewed studies, this could be a game changer for many. Of course it...
  5. VikingsGuy

    List of "Common Sense" Legal/Regulatory Changes to Improve Public Land Access

    Each of these, in my opinion, fully respects private property rights, while limiting an improper expansion of those rights onto public land via legal hair splitting in favor of land owners at the expense of the public. While I list these as "common sense" and view them as simple straight...
  6. VikingsGuy

    7mm Hammers - Keepers

    Mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to check out Hammer bullets this summer. I have a 7mm08 Tikka T3X that hates both 120gn and 140gn TTSX bullets (between my S-I-L and I we have 5 more Tikkas in various calibers that all love to shoot TTSX bullets, so go figure). So figured I would...
  7. VikingsGuy

    Multiple Like New Nikon Scopes (plus a NIB Vortex) - Gun Room Clean-up part 2

    I have 11 10 Nikon rifle scopes for sale. All 11 10 come in boxes with manuals. All come with the Nikon cloth + scope covers. The 8 Nikon Monarch scopes will each include a LoneStar cant ring. I also have 4 neoprene Nikon scope sleeves that I will throw in for the first 4 Nikon scopes...
  8. VikingsGuy

    Gun Room Clean-up, Stocks

    I have four stocks for sale: A brand new, never in the field, Hogue Overmolded stock with Full Bedding Block. It is inlet for Ruger M77 short action standard barrel contour. They run $260 new I will take $150 TYD in the lower 48. An almost new (one day at the range) Boyd's "Classic"...
  9. VikingsGuy

    Recommendations for 16 gauge shotgun

    Looking for recommendations on new production (or high quality used) 16 gauge shotgun for upland hunting. Biased towards semi-auto, but O/U also is a possibility. Pump, breach and SxS are not of interest for this purchase. I want to use choke tubes, not fixed. Would like to keep the price...
  10. VikingsGuy

    If HuntTalk was CarTalk

    Our routine rifle/backpack/cartridge Q&As on HT are fairly predictable. My guess is even if we changed the topic they would read the same. If HuntTalk was CarTalk my guess is the typical post would go something like this :): ----- NewFamilyMan: My wife and I are expecting our 3rd kid and...
  11. VikingsGuy

    For RockinU - Common Cartridge Choices

    @RockinU asked for my and @mtmuley's cartridge thoughts in another thread. Here goes . . . . My advice on common recommended hunting cartridges loosely in order of recoil lowest to highest Whitetail Deer in wooded area/Black Bear - 30-30Win, .243, 25-06Rem, 6.5CM, .260Rem, 7mm08Rem, .270Win...
  12. VikingsGuy

    Ranking 10 Common Bolt Action Hunting Rifles Under $750

    Seems like every day somebody on HT posts looking for a basic rifle recommendation for themselves or a kid. In 2019 just about any factory gun will shoot 1.5 MOA (and many 1 MOA) right out of the box with factory ammo. So, within 350y and with appropriate cartridge/bullet and shot selection...
  13. VikingsGuy

    Any experiences with SilencerCo’s Harvester 300?

    Looking to buy a first suppressor to go with my newly ordered Bergara Highlander 280AI. Anybody have any experience with the Harvester 300 - particularly hunting without ear protection? Any other “must” have models I should be considering instead? If so, why?
  14. VikingsGuy

    3 Rooms Available in Lusk

    In case any HTers are still looking for a place to stay for pronghorn in Lusk - I just cancelled 3 room reservations we made last year for the first week of Oct at the Lusk Best Western.
  15. VikingsGuy

    One last WY Wall Tent Question

    Got a chance to do a quick drive through of WY Units 42 and 26 this weekend. We will be there the second week of the season. Filling our tags is not a concern, but where to pitch our new 16x20 canvas wall tent is. In both units the number of areas down "out of the wind" where we could get our...
  16. VikingsGuy

    Never Fired Upgraded Savage Axis in 30-06 and 25-06

    I bought a base Savage Axis 30-06, put in a new Timney Trigger, added a picatinny rail, and added a Boyd's walnut stock. Never fired, never in the field, no box. I was planning on re-barreling to 24" 25-06 and bought a ER Shaw kit with barrel, go/nogo gauges and action wrench. Didn't get...
  17. VikingsGuy


    A nearly new Savage 116 FCSS All Weather Stainless. Never in the field, fired less than 50 rounds at range. Added outerimpact 0 MOA rail. Added a Matthew's Fabrication Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest. Did a camo paint job on the factory stock that turned out great. Online new these are going...
  18. VikingsGuy


    Never fired, never in the field, Hawkeye M77 walnut stock. No box. I also bought a Hogue full bedding block stock for it, plus have the 3BHM, 4BHM, 5BHM and 6BHM factory rings (3&6 in box, 4&5 on rifle) to allow for low, medium and high 1 inch scope mounting. I upgraded the butt pad on the...
  19. VikingsGuy


    Never been out of the box except for the pictures. They are going for about $950 online so I will sell shipped to your FFL in the lower 48 states for $865.
  20. VikingsGuy

    South Africa

    As mentioned in an earlier post, we have just gotten back from a trip to South Africa hunting. It was a combo trip - family vacation and hunting safari. It was the whole clan - wife, son, both daughters and the new son-in-law. We did a bunch of sight seeing together and when we were hunting...