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    Kids hunt pics 2006

    <img src="" alt="Jacob's deer 2006" /> <img src="" alt="Jeremiah's deer 2006" /> <img src=""...
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    First archery buck

    Here is a small 2 point buck I was able to take with my bow. I was able to stalk to 17 yards and the recovery was around 60 yards. Not a monster, but he sure tastes good.
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    Killed a moose

    Harvested my moose on 9-21. Was not able to get in archery range. Not the biggest moose but the biggest we found. Have tried several times to attatch pictures but not able to do.
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    Hello from south central Idaho

    Hi, I've really enjoyed the site so far. Lots of great information and fun posts. I am married with four boys between 11-17. We enjoy the outdoors fishing and hunting whenever possible. My wife also enjoys hunting and fishing. Jeff