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    Nice looking 3x3.....

    Went on the other day and found a nice buck that moved down low for the winter.... What do you guys think, i am keeping a close eye on him so i will find his sheds.
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    Hoyt Trykon...Bow of the Year??

    Anyone shot the Hoyt Trykon, man it is a smooth and quiet bow....What are you thoughts about the Trykon...Bow of the Year??? What do you think..
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    Best Coyote Call

    What is the Best Coyote Call Out there? What kind of luck have you had with it? I need a new call, but it needs to be a GOOD Call...THANKS!
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    Utah Late Elk Hunt Success 7x7 Monster

    I put in for the late Elk hunt on the Beaver Utah Unit. We seen many elk, one elk i began to put a stalk on when another hunter killed it about 1,000 yards away. Later that night i went and looked at the elk when the huner arrived home and it scored an amazing 412". I could not believe i was...