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  1. lastlight

    Northern ID Moose in the Nez Perce/Clearwater

    Ill be hunting moose for the first time this fall in Northern ID hunt area ten dash three along the MT boarder. I had thought I had it in a different area with abundant private logging roads but got my tag in the mail yesterday and to my surprise this will be a more difficult and remote hunt. I...
  2. lastlight

    WTS: Firstlite North Branch Soft Shell Pant (Cipher)

    For sale: Mens size medium North Branch pant from first lite. I wore for ONE week last fall and bought another pair in their Dry Earth color because I like solid color pants better. So they are basically brand new, Im 5'10" 170 lbs 30" waist and they fit perfectly but have plenty of room in the...
  3. lastlight

    General NM Gila Forest questions

    Hey guys! I have a bull tag for the second rifle season in the Gila 16a and was looking for some general answers to the following questions (not specific to how or where to hunt elk, I will figure that out with my boots for 7 days before the opener.) 1) Do I need to bring my quad with me on...