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  1. Bokeh

    T/C compass rifles

    I have a Compass in 300 Win Mag. Topped with a Nikon Monarch it shoots great. It has made the rounds with my sons, a buddy and me. So far that rifle has accounted for a half dozen tags filled. Everyone likes it just fine.
  2. Bokeh

    Boots - Kenetrek & Crispi Sz 12

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme sz 12, uninsulated. After the obligatory 50 mile break in, these boots just don't work for me. I tried. I wanted them to work. But, my feet are a bit narrow and the heel rubs and causes blisters. That's a big disappointment since these are great, rugged boots. You know...
  3. Bokeh

    How Did I Get Here?

    How did I get here? Five years ago I didn’t own even one piece of camo. I had never shot a grown up bow. Back then I thought a back tension release was another term for make up sex. Then I was infected. Elk fever. Oh, I also got Lyme Disease just to make it all the more difficult. Now I...
  4. Bokeh

    maine lobster

    York. Right off I95. There's a small dock near the golf course, down the hill and across the river. Ask around for Jeff. Send me a PM and I can get you his contact info. Definitely worth the short side trip. He's been hauling traps for over 40 years. Great guy and he hunts, too. Yeah, you can...
  5. Bokeh

    Kenetrek boots

    Agree with Dexnrex - the "right' boots feel good first time you step outside with them. Here's my experience and thoughts with Kenetreks. I got a pair at the Kenetrek shop last fall in Bozeman. Good company, good people. The boots are first rate for ruggedness and quality. They are stiff and...
  6. Bokeh

    How much is too much.

    Reminds me of that scene in the "Jerk" when Steve Martin was walking out saying he didn't need anything. Then he starts picking up things one at a time saying "I need this. I don't need anything except this ash tray, this remote control, this lamp and, wait, I need this." Then he trades it all...
  7. Bokeh

    New Hampshire, Field Care and Meat Requirements?

    There ain't no dee'yah in Na Hampshaa. You 'n find more down in Taxachusetts with the rest a them flatlanders. I did see a couple over behind the neighba's house the other day. Maybe I'll bring him a six-pack and see if he'll let me hunt come season. Break out the ol Savage 99 and go sit on that...
  8. Bokeh

    MT Public Land Muley

    Well, you've come a long way since you were a pup. You have certainly grown into those clothes. It's a happy father whose sons share his passion for the outdoors along with the desire to do it the right way. No shortcuts. Wish I had been there with you on this one. But, after helping pack out...
  9. Bokeh

    Any Back Pain Remedies?

    At 56 it's yoga, stretching, core exercise and healthy diet for me. Avoid sugar and white flour as much as possible. A strong core is more important than big biceps. After all these years I know my chiropractor so well that I went to his sons wedding! Yoga has changed my fitness, flexibility and...
  10. Bokeh

    It Takes A Team

    Somewhere in the middle of my training hike this morning I realized that I am the elk hunting equivalent of a Nascar driver. Here is an excerpt from my interview: BF: Hey Bokeh, I see you’re hittin’ it hard. Prepping for another season. Looks like you’re gonna try again for the winners...
  11. Bokeh

    Kenetrek Experience

    I have read varying opinions on Kenetreks here on this forum. So, last fall while I was out in DigMeTown (aka Bozeman), land of the Bro Dudes where your outdoorsman status is measured in Yeti points (one point each for hat, sticker, cooler, tumbler, etc) I decided to visit the Kenetrek showroom...
  12. Bokeh

    Best rifle for under $2000

    My resume of rifle expertise could be printed on the back of a matchbook. But I've managed to own a few and even put a few tags on animals over the years. I can share my experience from this fall. I did an extended trip to Montana where my boys live. Thompson Center sent me one of their new TC...
  13. Bokeh

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme400 Ins Sz 13

    Bought these in October at the Kenetrek showroom in Bozeman. My normal shoe size is 12. But the Kenetrek's in 12 didn't feel right. The salesperson sold me up to the 13's. She added an extra insole and a spacer for the heel with a promise they would break in just fine. These boots now have about...
  14. Bokeh

    Montana Antelope Opener

    Hey, that's my dog! Oh yeah, and my kids too. So proud of that dog. I guess the boys are alright, too.
  15. Bokeh

    Light Hiking Tent

    My current tent is a Nemo Losi. Rated for two people, but the only other person I will share that little space with is my wife! As someone mentioned, the capacity of most two person backpacking tents is overrated. But this is a good tent and the Nemo sleep pads are top notch. To me, hunting is...
  16. Bokeh

    Plantar Faciitis/Achilles tendonitis

    Take this for what it's worth. I have also been experiencing achilles pain in my left ankle/heal. I hike 4-5 times per week in the mountains near my home in NH.The terrain here is rocky and steep in places. There is a fair amount of impact on the feet. Rest is great for the heal, but not great...
  17. Bokeh

    Dog food

    Pro Plan. Performance 30/20 during training, field trial, and hunting season. Back off the protein during the winter. I've tried many feeds. Pro Plan is consistent with quality and dependable. My nephew is a K9 officer, former Marine K9 handler, and now teaches search and rescue...
  18. Bokeh

    Lab Puppy Problem

    Second the words of JLS. Spot on. Do not use an e-collar. The e-collar is not a teaching tool. It is a reinforcement tool for appropriate training. Best used in the hands of a pro. She's just a pup and it takes time, training and repetition for a dog to learn. Those sharp baby teeth will...
  19. Bokeh

    Investing in a quality camera

    The G16 has a self-timer with a delay of about 10 seconds. I don't think there is a remote. There is some great feedback to this post. Guys on this site are very knowledgeable and have a lot of different viewpoints. If indeed you are thinking of investing in a camera system for all around use...