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  1. jore07

    Area 324 - Montana Elk

    Hey guys, I hope everyone's season is going well so far! Looks like we will be in for a big weather change coming late this week for much of the state. Hopefully it will get these fires slowed down some and allow the firefighters some breathing room. Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you...
  2. jore07

    My first whitetail!

    Living in Montana and having pretty much always hunted mule deer, I was finally able to specifically hunt and get my first whitetail. It was a long 6 days and a lot of miles walking, glassing, and frustrating moments, but it was a great trip and I am more than happy with this as my first...
  3. jore07

    Mystery Ranch NICE Frame package

    I am posting this for a friend who does not have an account. All the information is below, if interested or looking to purchase please post or message me and I will contact him. For sale is a 2012 Mystery Ranch NICE Frame in coyote brown with the hip pockets attached, large MR load lifter, OV...
  4. jore07

    MT area 410 questions..

    My dad and I were up on opening weekend since we both drew cow tags. I had to get back to work after about 3 days though. We did see some critters so that was nice. A few spikes, 2 young bulls, a couple nice bulls that would have resulted in an entirely different post if we had different tags...
  5. jore07

    WTB Travel Trailer

    I am looking to get a travel trailer for my family. I thought I would ask around on here in case anybody is looking to sell one or knows anybody selling one. I am looking for something 26' or below and under $3000. Thanks!
  6. jore07

    MT Bonus Points question

    The use of bonus points only applies to 1st choice correct? I remember that from years past, but I can't seem to find the wording this year. Just double checking with the professionals. Thanks all.
  7. jore07

    Family Vactation (pic heavy)

    Thought I would share our family trip a couple weekends ago up in the Bighorns. My wife had given me some gift certificates for a lodge up there off of 14a. We finally decided on a time frame and headed up. The weather up there was wonderful, highs in the 70’s lows in the 40’s-50’s. It was...
  8. jore07

    Stokes basket??

    Anyone have an old fiberglass stokes basket for sale or know where I might get on? Or who I could contact to try? I've talk to a couple spots around Billings with no luck yet. Just hoping someone else out there might have more ideas than myself.
  9. jore07

    Garmin Montana / Oregon v. GPSMAP 62

    Hey guys I just wanted your opinions on the Garmin GPS units. I've been looking around and I was just curious what you all prefer for hunting. I've been researching some and just want to pick everyone's brain to see what you prefer. My biggest concern is a touchscreen unit. I am not sure...
  10. jore07

    One for the freezer...

    Well I got out with the wife today to chase some does around. We saw a lot of deer but decided on this one because we saw her limping around with a broken front left leg. From what I could tell she broke it way up on the shoulder. It was swinging around pretty good. I was thinking that maybe...
  11. jore07

    Area 410 Montana -

    Just wondering if any of you have had the opportunity be up in this area this year. My dad has a cow tag for 410 and we will be heading up Tuesday. Not looking for any spots or anything as we are familiar with the area (just been a few years). I was just wondering if anyone has been seeing...
  12. jore07

    South Dakota information / help

    I've bothered you guys for informations, tricks, techniques, etc. for months now. Well the time is near for me to head down there, finally, and I just wanted to hit you all up one last time. Just incase someone hasn't seen my previous posts or forgot I'll be heading down to Mellette County...
  13. jore07

    South Dakota guys..

    Hey guys, just thought I'd try to check in with the locals and see how things are looking over there. I am coming down the last week of October for an archery hunt and just wanting to see if there is anything I should be aware of or if deer season is looking good. Thanks for any info you can...
  14. jore07

    Rage 3 blade broadheads and accessories.

    I have an assortment of Rage products for sale: 3 - Rage 3 blade broadheads 1 - Rage 3 blade practice head 1 - Rage case 1 pack - Rage 3 blade replacement blades (includes tips, o-rings and screws) for 3 broadheads. Take all of it for $50.00 shipped. Practice head has been shot at a...
  15. jore07

    Episodes on the internet?

    Will past episodes be available to watch online? I was just curious because I love the show but I no longer have the capability to get the channel. Thanks.
  16. jore07

    MT Elk Super Tag

    Just thought I'd ask around to see if anyone on Hunt Talk had the luck on their side. I noticed on my draw results that my chances were all under NOT SUCCESFUL. Good luck
  17. jore07

    1st hike with my daughter.

    Though she isn't old enough to actually hike around I loaded her up in this child carrier pack we bought a while back. We've had her in it before and she loves it. She usually cries when we take her out to leave. Anyway we (my wife and I) took her out to a family friend’s land where he lets...
  18. jore07

    Wanted: Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab

    Just thought i'd throw this up here to see if anyone is thinking of letting their NICE crew cab go because of an upgrade or something. Anyhow let me know, not that I have my hopes up. Thanks.
  19. jore07

    MT Surplus Tags

    Do any of you guys know when they release the list of surplus tags available?
  20. jore07

    2010 season mounts!!!

    Here are a few photos of my 2010 mule deer and antelope mounts. I am more than happy with both. If you want to see other photos of full animal the click HERE for mule deer, and HERE for antelope.