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    Headlamps for under $100

    I've got a Petzl Tactikka +RGB and BD Storm. That Storm is an impressive light. I also have a Petzl E+Lite that is nice to have around at less than an ounce for backup.
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    Mini Kowa Spotter

    The junior rifle team I used to coach had one and I tried it for Highpower. Was pretty impressive and I would have no qualms using it in the field.
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    Two custom made rifles to hunt the world with

    I hate these questions because I fear that one day my wife will stumble across my post and ask why I need an X or Y. With that said, if I were to have two rifles made to last me a lifetime of hunting they would be in .270 Winchester and .375 H&H. I love my Savage for what it is but would not...
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    Looking for advice on first elk hunt

    Pick a place and have fun. A few ways to have fun without even seeing elk (I'm an experience Colorado Bowhiker) are having good boots that keep your feet dry and good glass that you don't mind sitting behind for a long time.
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    Book recommendations?

    I've caught a few trout off the dam in the background. If you like fiction, I read a book called "Skeeter" by Kay Smith several times growing up. Would probably still enjoy it today.
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    Lady friendly elk calibers and model?

    .25 hole in the vitals will fill that tag. If you want a little more oomph, 7-08, .308, or .270 should all be friendly enough.
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    Preseason Rifle Regimen

    I've shot close to or over 100k round through competition or training for one and am very comfortable in my accuracy in most scenarios. If I were to be doing an antelope hunt or sitting on a beanfield where long shots were more likely, I would shoot a lot more than I do. I generally bring my...
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    Tenderloin for dinner.

    When you give the higher end stuff a try, include Monkey Shoulder. About $35 a bottle out here in CO and great.
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    Best trophy Room I have ever seen

    That is impressive. I've seen some of the old videos of Afghanistan hunts. They would have a very large tourism industry if they Taliban would just stop trying to shoot everyone. I'd imagine snowsports and mountaineering would have huge profits from the little bit I've seen over there.
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    Tenderloin for dinner.

    Looks tasty, what's your choice in the glass?
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    multi-tool recommendations

    I have the Leatherman Wave and a Gerber that I found. I mostly use the Wave in a leather 1911 mag pouch. I have the extra bits and that really cuts down on room in the pack or range bag. The bits generally live in my Kifaru chamber pocket inside my lid when hunting, camping, or any other time...
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    Soooooo close!!

    I can tell you from a son's perspective that the memory of his first hunt will stay with him forever. I can still remember the first hunt I went on with my dad 20 years after the fact.
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    E-Scouting for Elk using onX

    Glad we have that RANDY Discount code for onXmaps. I have been able to find everything I needed before that onX has (geomac, CO hunting atlas, etc) but this is all in one package and worth it for $25.
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    Spotted Seatrout

    Growing up I went to Apalachicola with my buddy and his family a few times. Between him, his mom, stepdad, and myself, we would limit out on trout just about every day for a week and I'd bring back enough fish for my family to have quite a few meals. If you're ever in that area, Spring Creek...
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    Bergdahl decision.......seriously?

    I find this amazing. I just put out a soldier for marijuana use. He lost 2 months pay, got 45 days extra duty, reduction from SPC to PV2, and general discharge. Yet this guy leaves his post and gets off with not much worse than a guy who smokes a little dope?
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    RMNP Elk

    It is beautiful. We camped in there and I stepped out of the tent to a cow no more than 10 yards grazing on the grass.
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    My thoughts on the Yellowstone Attacks

    Oh man, I think I would have led that person to believe you actually have to wrangle all of the animals into corrals after dark with the pika being the most ornery of the animals and maybe throw in a few stories of near escapes with a tear shed for the horses lost. Of course you would have to...
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    RMNP Elk

    My wife and I drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park a few weekends ago and the elk were certainly out. This one is probably my favorite of the ones I took. He looks like he will be a 6x6 and I would love for him to get out and tour the unit I plan on hunting. This one can come with...
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    My thoughts on the Yellowstone Attacks

    I'm sure you have all seen the news of the three attacks in Yellowstone NP this week.. What really grinds my gears is that the general public treats these wild animals as if they are livestock on a farm. I'm a company commander in the Army and during my safety brief I try to stay away from the...
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    Handgun Barrel Break In?

    I think in a handgun, you aren't as worried about the barrel as you are the function. I would say to run a few boxes of ammo through the gun to allow the springs to get a workout and get used to the firearm itself. I also echo Dan O's comment about cleaning your cylinders.