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    Idaho elk and deer 2019 season outlook
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    Idaho Sawtooth elk

    Got my B tag again.
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    Idaho unit 43 deer - trail motorcycle hunt

    Back in the mid 90's I worked forest surveys in the Sawtooth NF. Put in plots in unit 43, many trails in unit 43 are motorcycle only, I rode my Honda 200 a bunch. Been wanting to hunt an area I worked ever since. I'm a mostly solo hunter, however at 61, and the area I want to get into is 8...
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    California Desert Bighorn Tag increases

    Last 5 years have gone from 13 tags to 26 this year. Maybe 42 next? I have max points - If I live long enough, I'll get a tag. 2 auction tags going for $450,000 each look to be funding some research and transplanting.
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    California Sheep regs out

    They increased tags from 17 to 26 and a new hunt area. I have max points - just have to live long enough. 2019 PROPOSED* BIGHORN SHEEP HUNTS *Subject to nal approval by the California Fish and Game Commission on May 16, 2019. For more information on approved tag quotas and season dates, please...
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    Idaho 2019 Moose, Goat, Sheep regs out
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    Blue Grouse open - who's going?

    Opening day - headed out A previous year pic
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    Archery Lopes - Who's going?

    Idaho season starts Aug 15th. Always see 'em - It's time I harvest.
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    California A zone archery starts July 14 - Who's going?

    Missing it this archery season - may get down there for a rifle hunt.
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    Idaho Sawtooth tag - Who's got one?

    Got a B tag at my local vendor - At 9:15 was 4th in line. My tag had a 10:07 time stamp. Whose
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    Idaho draw is up

    Didn't draw a moose...
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    Who put in for an Idaho big three tag?

    I put in for Moose this year.
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    California Desert Bighorn tags and points

    Have max points for California Sheep - If I live long enough I'll pull a tag. Anybody else have max points?
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    Elk hunting in Idaho - archery diy

    I’ve hunted and worked Idaho a lot since 1980. I have a forestry degree and worked quite a few NF’s as an independent contract timber cruiser. Have also worked in Oregon, Washington and Montana. Thought I’d help some diy. I’ve elk hunted in units 9,10,12,17,19A...
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    Drawing a tough tag...

    Been putting in for big game draws since the 70's. I put draws into categories - Easy 25+% odds - mostly antlerless hunts. Moderate chance - 8% to 15% or so - hunts that if I continue to put in for I'll get drawn. Tough - 5% or so - maybe once in a lifetime Lucky - 2% and less -...
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    Idaho unit 51

    It's a draw with 120 tags - Nov 1 - 30. Drew it on the 2nd round. I worked the area doing forestry surveys 1 summer - '97.
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    Idaho 2nd draw is up..

    I drew a bull elk tag in unit 51! Nov 1 - 30
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    Heard a bull bugle this evening.

    First one this year.
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    Any Ice Hockey Players out there?

    Played hockey until I was 15 - then started back up 10 years ago - Play and referree, during the season on the ice 3 - 4 days a week. We have hockey in the summer here and get on the ice 1 - 2 times a week. Turning 59 next week - hockey is an incredible workout and keeps me in shape.
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    Idaho capped elk zone tags - Who got 'em?

    Bought a Salmon B - Haven't hunted it before - Got the sheep tag there so plenty of time to scout for elk.