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    hey Guys....sorry I haven't been around, but I have been absolutely nutso busy...I only got my cams set out this past Sunday, and season opens this friday !!!!! Talk about being behind. Wife and I are going thru the big-d, and I ain't gonna have much time to hunt this fall.....I know, doesn't...
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    First shed of the year in ND

    Ha Miller....sorry, I couldn't resist. My boy's "Hunter Dan" buck shed that side just the other day, and of course I couldn't wait to snap some pics:D
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    First shed of the year in ND

    Went for a short walk this morning, and found my first whitetail shed of the year......a real nice 5 point !! LOL, Gotcha !!! Wonder what he will score
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    Question about antelope's the first meat gone out of our freezer, and the kids love it too. Biggest thing is getting the hide off and the meat on ice as quick as possible. I normally skin and quarter mine right in the field, and have ice in coolers waiting for when I get it back to the truck.
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    Some lion pics az402 sent me

    Thanks for the info BG, that's fantastic, and the name makes sense now when I check the properties of the images.
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    Some lion pics az402 sent me

    Thanks Billy Goat........that's the kinda info i was looking for......if you can find out the hunters name or dog owners name, that would be great. In the meantime I'll contact the magazine to nsee if i can pic up that edition.
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    Some lion pics az402 sent me

    Thanks AZ...sounds good. Let me know what you find out. Clay
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    Some lion pics az402 sent me

    Hey.....I just noticed this thread again, and was gonna roll with crapshoot's link, but it is now a bad link. Does anybody have any information on this cathunt....when and where, and also if there is any other info on it like did these pics come out in any calendars, etc ???
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    For that hard to buy for person....

    LOL....looks like they are already sold, and I love what he had to do to sell them....:D
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    Check this out!!!

    In Montana, is "Hottie" the same as "Sweatie" ??
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    Need Muley Advice ASAP.......

    Well I can say now without a shadow of a doubt, that this buck is alive and well.........after endless spotting and hiking and an additional 3 hour recon mission behind enemy lines, I spotted him for what now is the 4th time last night, and he looked to be just fine while running off the busted...
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    Need Muley Advice ASAP.......

    The more I've thought about this bucks reaction, the more I think we probably had a hit that was either high or maybe back some, but some schrapnel (spelling) probably got one lung.......I think that is why he was acting winded, cause he probably was with only one good lung........ Two mornings...
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    Embarrassed to be a hunter

    Hey, at least they ain't holding semi auto's...LOL The bandoleers are a nice touch though:D
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    Need Muley Advice ASAP.......

    Well, it is almost daylight and I thought I would check in before we head out........we're gonna cover every draw on all of the surrounding property, gonna be a long day....well hopefully not. Possible good news, is while glassing from a ridgetop last evening, I saw an old "grizzly" 3x3 that...
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    Need Muley Advice ASAP.......

    The part that sucks, is the place he dodged down into.......that particular landowners farm yard and surrounding area where he feeds his cows are off limits......I stopped and talked with him, and he said no way.......even leaving the gun in the truck and a simple walk in to try and find him was...
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    Need Muley Advice ASAP.......

    This morning the wife and I got on an exceptional buck with his does(especially for the flatlands here in ND)........but problems quickly revealed themselves in a scope that somehow lost zero in the past week..... My question for you is this.......can a deer, especially a Muley run hard enough...
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    Is this big for Idaho?

    Wow, what a fantastic find....and I have to agree with some of the others.....out on the Ranch, my dad has many sets of muley and whitetail racks tacked up on the railroad ties on the front of the corral........the majority of them were shot in the late 50's and early 60's, and being they are...
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    2007 Bow Mulie - My Best Deer Ever

    ALRIGHT GREG !!!!! What a great buck !!......I couldn't be happier for you !!:)
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    SD west river opener

    Way to go T-bone and TB-Jr......what a great story...congrats all the way around.
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    2007 ND buck

    Great Job B-man.......I don't have a tag this year, but the wife has any-buck, and we've come across some nice younger Muleys, but it's been hard to keep her off the trigger, LOL........I keep hoping to get her on a good buck as well.. That deer is nothing to be ashamed of.....he's a great deer...