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  1. csutton7

    Damon/Howatt Hunter recurve bow with arrows, etc

    Damon/Howatt Hunter recurve bow $225/bo shipped
  2. csutton7

    need an outfitter in Alberta with big muleys

    my buddy wants to go to Alberta for big muleys during the rifle season in the near future--does anyone know of someone that fits the category??
  3. csutton7

    some pics from our Nebraska hunt

    Micheal & Max with the carnage wagon(8 deer) carnage wagon before we tossed on the rest of the does my brother's 2nd whitey buck(first one is at the bottom of the carnage wagon-no pics) Micheal's (my cousin from Sweden) 2nd muley the hanging trees Micheal and his 1st muley MIcheal...
  4. csutton7

    headed to Nebraska

    well we're pretty much packed and ready to roll tomorrow morning--4 of us are headed to Nebraska to meet two of my brother's for a good ol' barrel burning fest--at the moment I think we have 8 buck tags and 14 doe tags, although two guys can buy two more buck tags which come with a bonus doe...
  5. csutton7

    keith warren checking his rifle's zero=pathetic

    I don't usually watch ol keith(been at least a yr if not more), but this morning he was hunting coues down in Mexico and I decided I would tune in cuz there wasn't much else on to watch--- anyway opening segment he's checking his rifle's zero---he shoots and then they show his target--bullet is...
  6. csutton7

    email and pm saying I have a virus

    I rec'd an email and pm from Ladyroot saying I had a virus and to check using a recommended checker --so I download the checker/fixer, but since my computer that I have been using for about 2 yrs now is a MAC it won't work and I'm not sure I'm really affected---anyone get the same email/pm that...
  7. csutton7

    Merry Christmas.......

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the misfits here and Happy Holidays to all of the other misfits here who celebrate the other Holiday Traditions....chris
  8. csutton7

    Back from Montana

    Well 6 of us went to Montana and hunted the Boulder River area south of Big Timber. 4 guys shot a buck and a doe and I shot nothing. I had my cousin from Sweden here, my brother from Nebraska and two of the electricians that do my work, my other brother came for support. Between the 4 of them...
  9. csutton7

    Moontana bound tomorrow

    Headed out tomorrow around 10ish for Big Timber,MT---should be fun--chris
  10. csutton7

    x9a(CA) backpack

    well my buddy Max and I backpacked into an area on Friday--- I was given info about this area, so we went for it. We went in 2.5 miles set up camp right at the edge in the wilderness area and went for a little sight seeing afternoon hunt---looked like awesome country, there were tons of lakes...
  11. csutton7

    bear proof cannisters

    I'm wondering how many of you guys pack your food in those back-packable bear proof cannisters and then shove it in your backpack???? I bought a couple and damn they're heavy(in the sense of backpacking)---I'd only pack one in my pack--I bought the other one for back up or for someone else to...
  12. csutton7

    hoping again

    Well I mailed in my CA bighorn sheep and tule elk and mule deer requests again and I purchased another antelope point also---so I'm hoping I'll draw something, but it's a long shot as it is every year, but my fingers are crossed---- chris
  13. csutton7

    PSE Mach X NX

    Well I believe my brother and I are each getting the PSE Mach X NX---i haven't been bow hunting for years, but if all goes according to plans we will have them soon----so I'll be posting here more often in the near future----anyone have any words of wisdom or info on these bows????....chris
  14. csutton7

    Iderhole bound

    well since I was to leave Sat. morning you can see that I missed the boat--well what happened was I got sub-peona'd last Wed on this job I'm doing (owner sueing original contractor for major water leaks/dry rot and I'm fixing them)--I've been swamped trying to get things prepared for when I'll...
  15. csutton7

    coming to Idaho again

    Well this year it will only be Max and myself making the annual backpack trip into the wilds of Idaho for the eluse muley(on the waiting list for elk)---not sure exactly where and when we will go, but I have now been to 4 different spots in the last 3yrs and can choose any one of them to at...
  16. csutton7

    Park City here I come.....

    Leaving tomorrow AM for Park City, UT to ski and spend Christmas with most of my family(Mom lives in Huntington), so I may or may not have internut access, so if I don't I'm just wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS have a good one ......chris
  17. csutton7

    Leaving in a few minutes

    We are leaving in a few minutes for our annual Idaho mtn hike--yes we bring the rifles, but just to work out the arms---well maybe this year we knock something in the dirt--probably our faces when we trip and fall with our 500 lb packs while hiking 100 miles in to the camp site----cya in 10-12...
  18. csutton7

    Is it time to take pics of tags on animals

    In lieu of Hangar's buddy losing his elk's antlers to some scumbag could it be time that we hunters need to take close up pics of our tags on our animals as proof---I know I don't like to take field pictures with the tags on the horns/antlers/etc.....but maybe we should take a couple to prove we...
  19. csutton7

    Nikon prostaff spotting scope

    Well this morning I decided I'd buy the Nikon prostaff spotting scope--20x60x82---$600 from Cabelas--looked hard at the Swarvoski's, but I can't bring myself to layout that much dough right now---I'll let you guys know how it works once I get some driving time behind her---chris
  20. csutton7

    2006 CA blacktail

    first pic from left to right Max Sutton(8), Erik Sutton(13) and Allen Yee(13) with my blacktail--this was Allen's first time hunting---chris