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    Clolorado OTC second thoughts

    I've avoided going to Colorado archery hunting elk for 15yrs. I am out of Wyoming points and did'nt draw a general tag and I have hunted Idaho for a few years but after a couple bad years with wolves and very little elk sign I quit going there so I thought I would give Colorado otc a try but now...
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    Archery hunting during colorado muzzleloader season

    I am hunting colorado OTC archery season this year. I realize it there will probably be alot of hunting preasure but I'm just going to have to accept that because the wolves have beat my area up in Idaho pretty bad and I am out of points for Wyoming so I thought I would give Colorado a try. The...
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    Making your own backcountry meals

    Has anyone ever made your own meals and if they keep ok and if they rehydrated ok at higher elevations I heard on the backcountry podcast about a guy that made his own meals but thet did'nt hydrate well on his trip. I am working on a few recipes like chicken dumpling soup and mac and cheese from...
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    Tarptent recommendation

    I like the idea of a bivy tarp for the easy packability and light weight but I would perfer to have a floor. I found one made by Tarptent http:// Has anyone had experience with this brand or have a recommendation of a similar brand that has a floor...
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    Cabelas Imeon

    I am a expercienced archery elk hunter but I am planning my first backcountry hunt this fall before I get to old;) so I may be posting a few queations on here as I am getting my gear collected. Does any one used the Cabelas Imoen 15 degree bag I am curious about the down and synthetic fill...
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    Looking for MN area hunting partner to hunt colorado backcountry

    This feels a little out of place for me but I thought I would give it a try. I am looking for someone to go and hunt archery elk in the colorado backcountry the fall of 2019. I have a few units in mind but I have never hunted colorado. I am 41yrs old and I am a expienced elk hunter I've hunted...