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  1. EKYHunter

    Pre '64 winchester

    The one your dad used. Easy decision.
  2. EKYHunter

    Scope for Seekins Precision PH2 7mm Rem Mag

    Schmidt & Bender
  3. EKYHunter

    Sasquatch, Bigfoot?...Cmon I KNOW some of you have had encounters...lets hear em..

    Don’t think they exist but I’d sure love to see one when I had a rifle with me.
  4. EKYHunter

    Which Caliber for Elk

    If it ain’t broke! That will work.
  5. EKYHunter

    Incoming Rant

    Oh I’m sure. But stories are in the media daily it seems, especially involving sexting and social media.
  6. EKYHunter

    Incoming Rant

    Seems like we’ve replaced corporal punishment in schools with the teachers having sex with the kids.
  7. EKYHunter

    Detroit Walleye

    Congrats on the new boat. Looks like fish catching, having fun machine! Enjoy!
  8. EKYHunter

    Spinning Reel "Foot" Size...?

    I own and have owned several spinning rods and reels. Don’t think I’ve ever had, or even heard of, a spinning reel foot NOT fitting a given spinning rod. Same for baitcasters. I fish Shimano and G Loomis but have others as well.
  9. EKYHunter

    eastern backpack hunters?

    Kentucky has a lot of public land. They’re called Wildlife Management Areas or WMAs for short. Most are forests that surround a lake. I live about 5 minutes from a WMA. There are many areas that are only accessible by boat. The bad thing is, state law prohibits you from camping on these...
  10. EKYHunter

    Just wow new record Roosevelt

    State record bull or pissed off wife? Only you can decide what’s best for you :) Beautiful bull, congrats to him.
  11. EKYHunter

    Which Caliber for Elk

    Pronghorn as well! Good for you.
  12. EKYHunter

    Which Caliber for Elk

    First, thank you for serving your country. I’d say go with the .308 with any of the bullets recommended above. Hope to see pictures of your hunt and the elk you kill.
  13. EKYHunter

    Michigan Wilderness Area’s

    Simply beautiful.
  14. EKYHunter

    Somebody sent me a No. 1

    Man, you’ve got talent. Thank you for posting and sharing.
  15. EKYHunter

    turkey gun red dot

    I’ve got a .555 in a TC Encore. Patterns at 20 are like a baseball. Can very easily miss close birds.
  16. EKYHunter

    Tikka .308 Paint Job

    Get rid of that junk. Its shoots left bad! Seriously, you did an outstanding job and can obviously shoot. I’d be tickled for sure.
  17. EKYHunter

    Backfire TV (YouTube gun channel) says liberals have destroyed hunting

    What do these folks actually do for a living?
  18. EKYHunter

    Took the Pumpkin Roller for a walk!

    Love it! That’s a sweet Remington and it sure looks like you had fun as well. Anmoseek has a few offering for it:
  19. EKYHunter

    The modest Model Seven *FINISHED*

    Beautiful rifle and outstanding work. That bedding job looks superb. Do you use the action screws when you bed a rifle or some type of stud?
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