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  1. Big Fin

    Squatters otherwise known as shitbags rights.

    Happy to do that.
  2. Big Fin

    Where did we go wrong

    I'm now home. This kind of shit drives me nuts. Anyone have real world issues to take care of? You know, like work, volunteering, taking care of family, helping a neighbor, shoveling snow, mowing the grass? I've not had much time to be on HT lately. Looks like I better check into some of the...
  3. Big Fin

    OUTDOORCLASS - Two years of work

    This Friday, the 31st, is what is planned.
  4. Big Fin

    The Almost Death of Randy Newberg | FTW (Ep. 32)

    Here's the update as of today. Surgery was able to reconnect two of the three severed tendons in my right arm. The muscles that were cut are still a work in progress. The one tendon not able to be reconnected can hopefully be overcome with PT, of which I'm in week three of doing. The wrist and...
  5. Big Fin

    Non resident Landowner incentive.

    Painful to see the amount of energy wasted behind the scenes by groups fighting over this low impact bill. It is so low on my priority list when it comes to attacks on easements, Habitat Montana, stream access, and access funding, that I've not really bothered to invest much energy in it. Yet...
  6. Big Fin

    Kuiu Island Bear Hunt - Kayak Info Needed

    Three episodes to this hunt. They all show how to use Alpacka Rafts for such: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yes, save money here with promo code RANDY -
  7. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    Doing that now. No "wink, wink" about it. :giggle:
  8. Big Fin

    GIANT Pronghorn Buck DOWN! | Nevada Pronghorn, w/Randy & Matthew (Ep.2) Fresh Tracks

    Yes. It was aged. 6.5 years old. That's very old for a pronghorn.
  9. Big Fin

    SVB - CAO 😳

    If you are running a Vanguard US Treasury MMF, the last few days are the good old days for net cash inflow.
  10. Big Fin

    Bozeman: is it really that bad anymore?

    I take all of this as good humor. No doubt the huge changes in Bozeman and Gallatin County give some basis for deserved ridicule. But, before rural Montanans get to down in the mouth on Bozeman and license plates with a 6, you might want to send us some Thank You cards when it comes time to pay...
  11. Big Fin

    Which Caliber for Elk

    I've shot more elk with a .308 and that 75 year-old design called a Nosler Partition than I have any other cartridge-bullet combination. And most of those were out of a 20" barrel, including the 2022 Wyoming elk. The options you have will do just fine. Make the first shot count and you'll have a...
  12. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    Roger that. In Oregon for the next five days, but Bend/Redmond is a bit different than Portland. If you're nearby, stop by the Sports Show and visit.
  13. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    Late rifle.
  14. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    That would be correct, assuming some other strange calamity doesn't strike me between now and then.
  15. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    Clean livin' is the ticket. What you been doing that is counter to that, Pat?
  16. Big Fin

    Arizona credit card

    Me too. Just now. Never saw it take that long.
  17. Big Fin

    Beware the Portland Pizza

    I have been forcing myself to button my shirts, to tie my shoes, and some other daily necessities with my left hand. It is surprising how quickly your non-dominant hand can catch on. Shaving each morning has turned into a rather tenuous exercise. If I end up with another wound, it is because my...
  18. Big Fin

    Beware the Portland Pizza

    Good points. In this case, I am the only tag holder. If I'm not able to shoot accurately, I will eat the tag. I will bring two camera guys with, and I will have the benefit of a very good friend, Jim Baichtal. The physical therapist is a very fanatic hunter, which is why I went to him. He...
  19. Big Fin

    Anyone going to BHA Rendezvous 2023?

    I've got other obligations those days, but since I've missed the last couple Rendezvous I did promise I would stop by on Saturday to be one of the Storytellers. I wonder if I should change my story to one about bad pizza in Portland.
  20. Big Fin

    Ollin digiscope adapter

    Yes, I keep my phone in that case during the hunt. It has not been a problem carry it like that. Everything works the same. Just a small tab on the upper right corner that sticks out a small amount.

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