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  1. 7mm08mo

    Colorado 2nd rifle?

    Looking for a little advice or suggestions. No hotspots or secret spots. I have done a lot of research on where I think I want to go. I am looking at unit 5 or 4. I have several spots picked out to hit. We will be base camping but are mobile to move with vehicles. If you would like feel free to...
  2. 7mm08mo

    Kenetrek mountain guides for sale

    I have a pair of kenetrek boots for sale. Just don't fit my feet like I'd like. I have used them in 2 seasons but always kept them waxed and clean. Size 11 still have box. $250 I can p.m. for pics I can text or email.
  3. 7mm08mo

    28 nosler

    Up for sale I have a Nosler 48 chambered in 28 nosler. It has a Leupold vx3i 4.5x14x40 on it. Im asking $1500 need to sell. p.m for pics and I can text or email. In great shape less than 175 rounds down the pipe. I can also include the dies and brass I have.
  4. 7mm08mo

    A proud Dad

    Well everyone knows I like baseball, and my son plays baseball and it’s his favorite sport. He also plays basketball and does pretty good at it as well. He’s a 6’4 205 junior, here is a pic from Saturday night after the 3rd place win. He set a career milestone and the coach called timeout to...
  5. 7mm08mo

    Hadley’s 2nd buck

    Here is Hadley’s second ever buck. On opening morning here in Missouri it was 11 degrees. I took a sleeping bag for him to get in in the stand. We made it until ten o’clock and this guy came at 40 yards and he made a great shot with the 243 90 grain nosler ballistic tips. We stayed longer than...
  6. 7mm08mo

    Wyoming mule deer 2018!!

    We just got back from our first ever mule deer hunt a day or so ago, and what a trip it was. I'd like to thank all on here who offered advice on where to go and what to look for. We spent 9 full days out there hunting and man was it fun, beautiful country to hunt. My dad, oldest son Hunter...
  7. 7mm08mo

    T-16 hours

    Tomorrow morning my dad, oldest son and I will be leaving for Wyoming with mule deer tags in our pockets. I’m super stoked as I’ve never hunted Muley. Good luck to all!! I’ll try to post up pics if i can while out there.
  8. 7mm08mo

    New hunting pard.

    After our last lab we said it would be awhile before we would get another. Here we are almost two years later. This is Gus.
  9. 7mm08mo

    My first attempt

    So I have always wanted to try summer sausage making, and this year a friend of mine that makes quite a bit got together with me and showed me how to make it. He helped mix and grind and got the seasoning and I brought it home and smoked it. It is delicious, I’ve never ate warm summer sausage...
  10. 7mm08mo

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone!! Hope you all have a blessed day. I am thankful for the blessings I have received, and the family I will gather around. May you and yours be blessed beyond measure.
  11. 7mm08mo

    Hadley’s first buck!!

    So I posted about our families success here at home earlier this week, and some of you may remember my thread about Hadley and his first deer last year. Well we got to go out on the other night, I picked him up early from school and he thought we were taking my buck to the taxidermist, I said no...
  12. 7mm08mo

    Best ever opening weekend!!!

    The rifle deer opener here in Missouri started Saturday and my family had the funnest most successful weekend in our history. Here are a few pics to go with the story. I will start with my middle son Hudsons buck, he hunted with his grandpa and at 7:30 after a little morning nap shot this buck...
  13. 7mm08mo

    First archery buck in a decade!!

    I’m not the best bow hunter in the woods, and it seems with archery tackle my luck is always bad. I miss chip shots or they just stay out of range. I shot a very nice buck one day and had a good blood trail until the arrow came out and searched for two days but couldn’t find him. This past...
  14. 7mm08mo

    28 nosler

    For sale is a nosler model 48 liberty chambered in 28 nosler, it has leupold rings and bases, along with a 4.4-14-40 leupold vx3i scope. It has harvested one antelope and did well at that. I will sell it three ways: number 1 with everything I have for it including dies brass bullets for loading...
  15. 7mm08mo

    For sale Theron spotter

    I have for sale a 20-60-80 Theron spotter. In good shape, missing the eyepiece cover otherwise nothing wrong with scope. Good and clear, tripod not selling. $240 tyd
  16. 7mm08mo

    Headed west!!

    Left Missouri and headed west!! Will be in Wyoming tomorrow. Hopefully we have no more problems already blew a tire on the trailer. Looking for a few antelope and a good time!!
  17. 7mm08mo

    Advice needed!!!

    I have a .28 Nosler in the 48 Nosler Liberty, I have owned it since January or Feburary and had a very accurate load worked up for the gun. I always test several loads and pick the most accurate then chrony them so I am not tempted to pick the fastest as I like accuracy. My problem is I am now...
  18. 7mm08mo

    RMEF banquet with my boys.

    So I took all three of my boys to the banquet this year here in central Missouri ages 15, 10, and 7. We had a great time the oldest went last year and now all three are planning how much money to bring next year. We had a presentation from the MDC on elk in our state and how they are faring, and...
  19. 7mm08mo

    Which jacket or coat would you choose?

    I'm thinking about getting a new hunting jacket for my outer layer that stays packed away until I get where I am going to glass for a while or sit somewhere. I have a nice Cabelas hoodie now but it is very bulky, and weighs a lot just kinda wears you out packing it and takes up a lot of space...
  20. 7mm08mo

    New boots??

    Anyone have any experience with crispi boots? I've been kicking the tires on a pair of kenetreks, but then I got this email from scheels. Wondering how they compare, they are about half price of the mountain extreme but if they are similar I would be ok. My meindls gave me hot spots with loads...